“Osama bin Laden is dead”

Chelsey S.
Ten years after the devastating attack known as 911, justice has been done. On May 1, 2011 U.S. helicopters ferrying elite counter terrorism troops into the compound identified by the CIA as Bin Laden’s hideout. U.S troops went in and shot Bin Laden after he and his bodyguards resisted the assault. Three adult males were also killed in the raid, including one of bin Laden’s sons. One of Bin Laden’s sons, Hamza, is a senior member of al Qaeda. U.S. officials also said one woman was killed when she was used as a shield by a male combatant, and two other women were injured. With the death of Osama Bin Laden and the fact that U.S troops passed over into Pakistan; I feel Pakistan will feel threatened along with the many who looked up to Bin Laden, causing a result in retaliation and hatred.

WWI Game Blog Post

Hello, I am Chelsey S. from Mr.Salvucci’s 6th period 20th century class. At the beginning of the game we were all chosen into an empire. There were five of them: The Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, German Empire, French Empire, and the United States Empire. During this game I was part of the Ottoman Empire.
We started off the game with great enthusiasm wanting to destroy the strongest empire to become stronger. We made treaties with all that we could. With our devotion to our empire, we made treaties with everyone. Unfortunately, the treaties which we once had broke out of greed and untruthfulness. Everyone turned on us, leaving us unallied and wanting our empire destroyed.
In the end of the game the Ottoman Empire gratefully won. I am very pleased with my countries outcome. Being apart of the empire was fun and rewarding. If my partners and I could have done something different, it would have to be the change of our attitudes. We thought we had everyone fouled, believing we were innocent. Though the other empires caught on to our trick and broke their treaties with us.
The UN was set up with an objective in mind, to promote peace and to act as a platform for nations so that they can resolve conflicts using peaceful diplomatic methods. The outrage in diplomacy is often genuine and honest, after all who wouldn’t want a peaceful world where growth and human prosperity is not stifled by wars and conflicts.


Hello my name is Chelsey and I’m in Mr.Salvucci’s 20th Century period 6. In a competitive business climate no company could afford the expenses for injured workers unless it’s competitors could. So for awhile owners and workers fought over how companies should treat and care for their injured workers repeatedly. It has been said that factories, coal mines, and railroads were the three main dangerous places to work. On March 25th, 1911 there was a fire at the triangle shirtwaist factory which had killed 146 female workers who all had no chance to escape; for their company locked doors from the outside, to prevent workers from taking breaks. By 1914 35,000 people died on the job and 700,000 were injured while working for companies. Because of the many companies that treated their workers cruel, it slowly raised public anger at the irresponsibility of big businesses. In 1902 Maryland passed a law where employers had to buy insurance that would compensate workers injured on the job. Finally by 1916, the Congress passed the Workmen’s Compensation Law. About two-thirds of the states companies were required to have some type of workers’ compensation program.

course expectations blog assignment

Hello, my name is Chelsey S. I’m in Mr. Sal’s 20th century class period 6. I am really interested in learning more about the holocaust this year; it’s always caught my attention and involvement. Using the technology in class can help the students and myself better understand what we are learning; for we would have to look up the information ourselves on the computers or iPod touches. I expect to advance in both my history and technology skills during this class. As for technology, using the iPod touches alot will help me better understand how to use them. I also expect to adapt to them as I have to computers. Learning more about the holocaust will help me understand more about the past and how it’s changed through the years. Same with learning more about different cultures and how our country is unique from others around us.