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Hello, this is Tyler M. from period one 20th century.  I was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire.  This game consisted of spending Economic Points in order to increase your empire’s strength.  Building your industries and colonies gave you extra economic points to spent the next time through, but you also had to expand your navy and army incase you has to go to war.

The economic points were given at the beginning of the game at random quantities.  You had to put your economic points into either navy, army, colonies, or industries.  Increasing your industries and your colonies gave you double the economic points you were able to spend the next round through.  Each round was considered one year for your country or empire.  In order to make your empire stronger you had too increase your navy and army, but you do not get youir economic points back.  We made a balance of navy and colonies so we could get a strong empire and still have points too spend.

Each country could make treaties with other countries.  THe treaties must be signed by the country you were trying to side with.  However, a treaty could be broken so you had too make sure you trusted who you were siding with.  While in a treaty countries could share economic points, army, and navy.  We made a treaty with Russia and Great Britian and we stuck with them until the end.

I was fairly pleased with my countries outcome.  Even though our country started out weak we made it fairly strong over time and we had strong allies as well.  In the end the other 3 countries teamed up and ended up destroying us, but we put up a good fight.  If I were to do anything differently  it would be who I were to make an alliance with.

Throughout this whole game I have acquired a better understanding of diplomacy.  In a real life situation like this you would need to be very careful who you made treaties with and who you could trust.  Some countries may be stronger, but they may try to back stab you in the end.  All in all, this WWI game was a fun and educational way to help us understand what it takes too build a strong nation and who you can trust when it comes to war.

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