WWI Game

Hello, my name is Zack G and I am in Mr. Sal’s period six twentieth century class. I was apart of the United States.

We spent our economic points on different things. We mainly spent them on Navy because Navy means so much in war. We also spent it on industry because that would give us more economic points for the next round and if we were to lose in war the opposing country would not be able to take our industries. Our country made treaties with Germany, Russia, and France. We did this because we had the most firepower among the existing countries. We broke one treaty with the Ottoman Empire early on because we had conflicting treaties.

I am not pleased with our countries outcome because our powerful alliance fell to the alliance of countries that had less power. I would have made a treaty with Great Britain because they turned out to be more powerful than any other country. I think I have a better understanding for how diplomacy works because the game showed how quickly sides can be chosen. It also showed that in order for a treaty to happen sacrifices must be made. I believe the game was very fun, but educational at the same time.

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