WWI Blog (Michael N)

This is Michael N from Mr. Salvucci’s period 1 class. I was a part of the Russian Empire. Our empire was a very strong empire but we were not the strongest.
Russia started out with three economic points which was a normal amount. We decided we were going to strengthen our Navy but mantain a high industry. We put two of our points in our Navy and one in our industry.
We felt that our empire’s defense against an attack was not strong enough so we made a treaty with Great Britain. Great Britain was our best chance at a relliable allie because were friends in people in the empire and they were equal with us in almost everything. We later formed a treaty with the Austro Hungarian Empire because they were weak and we knew that they wouldn’t break our treaty because we would destroy them in a war. We did not break any of our treaties because if we were not strong enough on our own.
I was not pleased with our countries outcome because we were not as powerful as the other group. The more powerful countries teamed up and we were just not strong enough. If I could I would change who we were allies with. I would still be allies with Great Britain but I would choose another strong country instead of the Austro Hungarian Empire.
I now understand diplomacy better than I did before. I used to think that you could just have strong allies and they would back you up and win wars. I now know that you also have to trust your allies and work together to plan the best strategy that will benefit both countries in the treaties.

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