Remember the Titans

Question 11

Coach Yoast is presented with losing his Hall of Fame nomination during the final regional playoff game. He knew the Hall of Fame nomination was a big deal and it was a great opporinity but he also knew he had to stand up for his team when the time came. That is actually what he did, he stood up for the team because the officals were not calling a fair game so the titans would look and Coach Boone woyuld lose his job, which meant Coach Yoast would take over as head coach again. So Coach Yoast told the offical to call a fair game or he would have them arrested and he would not care if he went down with them, they would call a fair game, and they did. The leadership value/prinicple he illustrates is pride, it is pride because he did the right thing and stood up for his team and did not worry about losing the Hall of Fame because he knew he was doing the right

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