Royal Wedding and Death of Osama

Hi, this is Tyler M.  from period 1.

I feel that the death if Osama bin Laden is more important to the citzens of america then the royal wedding.  In my oppinion, his death is much more important because of what he did to us during 9/11.  He deserved death and the Americans are happy that we have finally killed him after all of these years.  The royal wedding however should not mean as much to us because we are not even from the UK, and the wedding does not really benefit us.  It is still great that there will be a new prince and princess in New England, but the death of Osama gives us a little peace of mind that such an awful person is finally dead, so we have some justice.  The royal wedding was very publicized, even in America, but it is not as important to us as Americans.  I believe that the death of Osama will be very publicized in these next few days and there will be a lot of talk about it.  This is why i feel the death of Osama bin Laden deserves more attention than the Royal Wedding.

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