Class Expectations for 2011-12 school year

Hi, my name is Jake C. The class I am in is world cultures for Mr. Sal. This year at nbhs. I am in 6th period.

Like the rest of my fellow classmates, I have a few expectations about the class of world cultures, and about the technology that we are to use in the class. Furthermore, one expectation I expect for the class is to discover new countries and the lifestyle that they all follow. every country has them, like the average American works 5 days a week and has the weekend off, there may be a country out in the middle east that does not have an office to go to every day, or land to work on. Another thing I expect from our class would be a lot of projects and papers doing research and working as a team to accomplish certain tasks

As for the technology, one of the expectations I have is to learn on the ipod’s and computers more than I have in any of the previous classes I have ever been in. I feel learning about a new culture through the internet will create a better learning environment for myself, this enables all of us to see daily blogs, new internet sites, etc. that are updated often from other people in different countries. Also, I expect to use technology so often in this class, that by the end of the year it will make no difference to myself or any classmate that by working on a project or assignment online or with a poster.

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