Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Zack W.

The video shows that after the japenese attacked the the U.S. was worried about other japanese so they evacuated them to assembly centers. I dont believe that this is an accurate portrayal of japanese americans because, not evey japanese person is a part of the japanese army. the US was worried that the japanese fisherman were watching the boats and the farmers were watching the airfields. if the japanese were all a part of the war they wouldnt have cooperated as mush when they got sent to the evacuation center.

The second video shows more of what the people think about the japanese people after the war. after the war people didnt want the japanese to be let out in the country, only 35% of people supported the return of japanese americans. it took 3 years for the japanese americans to be released to their homes, when they got back to their homes they were looted and destroyed. the japanese americans werent able to get jobs so most of them became homeless.

i think the second video was more correct because it tells more about how the people feel about the japanese americans. the first video mostly talked about what they did in the evacuation center. the second video tells us more about after they get let out of the center.


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