Osama Bin Laden’s dead


Osama Bin Laden created the catrostophe on September 9, 2001 and has been hiding out ever since. We have been searching for Osama Bin Laden for ten years. He has been going from cave to cave hiding from us. He was the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda or The Base. The U.S. had found his trail in August of 2010 and they found and killed him on May 1, 2001 at. Now that we have killed him i believe that someone new will take his place. They are probable talking about revenge as we speak.

WWI game

Hello i am Ashley S. in Mr. Salvucci’s 6th period class. My empire was France in the WWI game. We spents our economic points on colonies, navy, and industry. We spent not that many points on colonies because they were not worth that much and did not help either. Some of our money went to navy to help us win the war. Most of our money went to industry because we knew that we would get more economic points which we could make a bigger army with. We made treaties with Germany, Russia, and the United States because they were the strongest countries in the class. We did not break any treaties with them because we thought since they were the strongest empires that would help us since we did not have much. No i am not impressed with our outcome because we could of got more colonies and navy to help us in the battle and also because we lost. We lost by nine colonies and industry in the end and we had enough economic points to buy more. I do have a better understanding of how diplomacy works in the world. I have learned that war is somewhat important and you need the most items to help you win the battles or else you are going to lose a lot of people.

Concerned women

I am Ashley S. in Mr. Sal’s 6th period class. In the 1800’s women weren’t given as many rights as men were. No matter what kind of family you lived in whether urban or rural you still had more respnsibility for children than men did. Women were very upset with child labor because young children were working in factories. Kids who worked in paint factories inhaled toxic arsenic fumes and children that worked in clothing factories suffered spinal curvature from hunching over sewing machines. Women weren’t aloud to do many things like voting. Women mainly only took care of the children. Florence Kelley tried to fix the child labor rules. She went to college at Cornell University in New York and then went to graduate school in Switzerland. She pressed the federal government to outlaw child labor but it did not work. She continued her work to try to get rid of child labor but it never worked.


I am Ashley S. in Mr. Sals 6th period 20th century class. My expectations for this class is to learn more about the Vietnam war, and the great depression. The Vietnam war was very tragic. I would mainly like to learn about the Vietnam war because I would like to know how it started and why it lasted for so long. The great depression was a bad time to live in because everyone was in debt and I would like to know how they got into that situation. My expectations for the technology is to learn how to use it more. I would also like to know how technology has gotten so high tech in technology.