Brady-Osama Assignment

The death of Osama Bin Laden im sure is the number one story around the world today. And while i think it is a great achievement that has been a necessity to get over the past decade, i dont think that it will make a huge impact on terroism today. Because Al Queda in Pakistan isnt even our biggest threar anymore. The Al Queda in Yemen is now ouur number one opposing threat. I think this will be more of a great thing for President Obama because of the political boost he will get for it.

Externalities: Brady Anderson

Brady A.

Negative Externalities are By-products of production or consumption that impose costs on third parties. Positive Externalizes are products of consumption or production that benefit the third parties. The government intervenes because if they didn’t the people would be out of control with either what they buy or sell.

The Great Chinese Buffet ODOE

For our ( Andrew and I )’s one day on earth we gathered a bunch if our friends and all went to a Chinese buffet. at this buffet we feasted our faces with the delicious food of the Chinese culture. We had a cameraman to record all this and although he held the camera the wrong way everything still turned out to be pretty good.

My Expectations

Hello, my name is Brady. Some of my expectations for this class are to advance my skills in new technologies that are recently coming around. I want to do this because I think that in my future these skills will come in handy. I also expect to learn some about politics and some current world events, I would like these skills because I would just actually like to start and get involved in knowing what is going around in the world. Those are my expectations.