How I feel as an American citizen now.

Hi this is Kelly E from Mr. Sal’s period six twentieth century class. As of late news we’ve been informed that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. He was killed May first in his palace in Pakistani by a group of navy seals. As a citizen in the United States this doesn’t make me feel any safer. This is because Osama Bin Laden probably has successors, and people who will want revenge for his death. This in turn may lead to more terroristic actions against the United States, or war. Though it is a very good thing his dead I believe we should still be very wary of what we do. Al-Qaeda is still around, and will want revenge.

Tuskegee Airmen.

Hello, I am Kelly E from Mr.Sal’s period six class.

The Tuskegee Airmen were a large group of well educated African Americans who were part of a experiment to see if African Americans could fly. This was a large leap for African Americans during this time. The men were brought to Tuskegee, Alabama to start their training for flying. All of the men worked hard towards their goals of becoming pilots for America in the war. Some walked out, others had flying accidents, but the ones who got past the training got to go to war.

They were stationed in North Africa first doing recon and bombing. The white man of America did not want the Tuskegee Airmen in their war, and said they had many offenses. The people who were in charge of the men defended them from this false accusation, and kept them in the war.

After a while the Men were redeployed into the European theater. This was their chance to prove African Americans could do just as well as white pilots. When on a mission they saved a bomber that was in distress, and this proved they could do more than just bomb. They could escort bombers.

The white men in the air force were not happy about the Tuskegee flying with them. They said the bomber they saved was just a chance thing, and it was obviously not them who did it. The Tuskegee ignored this, and waited for a chance to prove themselves to show what they were really made of.

In time the Tuskegee were asked to escort bombers. They protected every bomber they were assigned to, and they never lost a single bomber to enemy planes. This changed the view of the people who flew with the Tuskegee Airmen. The men won many metals for their bravery during the war. This helped the African Americans at home by giving them hope of something more for their people.

WW1 game blog

Hello I’m Kelly E from Mr. Sal’s period six 20th century class. The game we played in class taught us the importance of treaties, and how easily wars can start. We got split into groups and, were assigned countries that we were to be. I was part of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey along with three other people.

We received economic points based on what countries we were at the beginning of the game. These points were used to buy things like armies, navies, colonies, and industries. In order to receive more economic points we had to build industries, and colonies. For each industry, or colony we had we would receive extra economic points. During wars we had a chance of gaining, or losing colonies. If you lost a war; you lost your colonies. If you won it; you gained the other countries colonies for yourself along with your allies.

When playing this game we had to try, and make treaties with other countries. Two people from our group would go around, and try to get other countries to sign treaties with us. By doing that we could be safer in numbers, and also stronger against other countries. We made promises to treat the other countries fairly, and to split colonies evenly with them. Near the end of the game every country in the class had their own allies, and enemies. We made many treaties during the start of the game all, but two were broken. This showed us how easy it is for other countries to turn their backs on us, and then attack us.

The class had three wars. When the last war occurred we were nearly evenly matched, but my country and allies won. Even though we had fewer allies than the other side of the room; we had far more armies, navies, and industries. Instead of spending our points on colonies we bought navies to protect us. During the last war we did not have enough protection, so we put all our money into that. This allowed us to win the last war.


Hello, I’m Kelly E from Mr. Sal’s period six twentieth century class. Muckrakers wrote informational pieces that opened the eyes of the public to factory problems. The muckrakers went and, checked out factory conditions and then proceeded to write about them. They put their own option into these writings they did and, sold it to the public. They did that to try and advance the changes that needed to be done to the factories at that time period.

One of the most famous muckrakers was Upton Sinclair. He wrote about the horrible conditions of the Meat preparation factory. He explained in detail how dirty and, unsafe the factory was. He stated that rat feces covered and, went into the food. This outraged and, scared people. He continued to inform the people about these things till they got fixed or, they changed. Another muckraker was a man by the name of Mr. Tarbell. He targeted the Standard oil company’s harsh ways of dealing with people and their poor safety conditions. When these issues were brought to the public they demanded they be fixed. The government stepped up and, took care of some of the issues. Somethings though failed to be fixed so, people had to take matters into their own hands. They would protest for these things to be fix or, banned. Take for insistence child labor, or the time when all those women died in the sewing factory. The muckrakers helped bring changed through their writings and, bettered the Cities.

Expectations of 20th century

Hello I’m Kelly. I’m in Mr. Sal’s 6th period 20th century class. I’d like to learn about pearl harbor and the great depression. I would also like to learn more about the Ipods and the pen Mr.Sal has. I’m really looking forward to learning in this class.