Royal Wedding and Osama Bin Ladin’s death

Two huge events in history have occured in the past week. The royal wedding was a huge spectical across the world. Also, Osama’s death is a huge deal to our nation and the world. Now why is it that the royal wedding seemed to get more news coverage so far? i think it is becasue people would rather hear about weddings and love than death and war. I personly believe that the death of our nations most wanted terrorist is a bigger deal that the royal wedding which has no impact on any of our lives. The death of Osama impacts all of our lives in AMerica due to the fact that the man hunt for Osama will allow our troops to focus on other tasks at hand. The royal wedding may be a huge, happy spectical but it does not change the lives of the american citizens at all.

WWI Game Blog Post

Hi, my name is Mitchell K. and I’m in Mr. Sal’s period 6 20th Century class. I was apart of the Germany empire during the game.

We spent our economic points evenly on industry and navy. We used or point on navy because the point were doubled unlike the army. We also used the points on industry because if we were some how to loose a war we would still have our economic points and loose our one colony that we had.

We had treaties with many people. We had treaties with the USA, France, and Russia. We allied with those three countries because they were all very powerful and could help us in our quest for world domination. We never broke a treaty with anyone.

I am very pleased with our country’s outcome. We grew to a very powerful but yet very industrialized country. We grew to become very strong in the world. If I could do something different I would build up my industries first then build up my strength.

I feel as if I better understand diplomacy now after experiencing the game. I learned that countries align with each other to make them selves into a better situation.

African American Activists

Hey this is Mitch K. from period six 20th Century Class. In the early 1900’s white Americans viewed African Americans as lazier, less intelligent, and more immoral than them. This racism caused many factories to hire African Americans. This means African Americans can’t get jobs. Most dangerous problems for African Americans was lynching. In 1892  230 people were lynched in the US.

Course expectations

Hello, this is Mitchell K in Mr. Sal’s 6th period class. My two expectations for this class are about wars. I want to learn about WWII and desert storm. I want to learn anout wars because i actualy find it interesting unlike all the stuff we learned about last year. I also want to learn about the wars because i want to join the military when i leave school. My two expectations about the technology are to be more functional with the iPods and to better understand all of the programs that we use this year. I want to be more comfertable with both of these items so I can be more efficent with what we are doing in class.