Osama…what happens now.

I think because of where Osama’s death took place Pakistan will retaliate to America for encroaching on their soil. But Al’quida will probably still exist but on a less numbered scale, because the funding from Osama wil be cut off.

What are positive/negative externalities? HA!

Sean Brigode
Pd. 3

Say two people are trading something, like one person is buying a bike form a company. If something, either positive or negative, is made that effects a third party, say to make the bike you have excess waste after the process is done and you just dump the waste in some random spot. That is an externality, now wether it is positive or negative is dependant on weither or not that substance that was made after making the traded good, was good or bad. The goverment tries to regulate this because too much of these externalaties can cause in major damage to the third party. Like dumping waste into a river or after making something too must gold was made as an extranality in the process (Gold prices would go down).

My One day on Earth Project Blog

Hello my name is Sean.  I am in pd 3 Soc with Mr. Sal. For my one day on earth project we did our pictures on firefighting. Originally my group mates and I were going to make a song but we did not have the proper equipment to do so, therefore we put a song over the pictures to make our projct still pop.  Though we had fun times while trying to make the song, We messed around alot one of my group mates learned how to play guitar kinda.  We spent countless hours toiling to finish the song and when we finally almost finished we realised we had no way to record it.

I love history

I’m Sean and I have history 3rd pd and I wanna learn about what people think as history and all they fun that comes with it. I also want to lean how to use the iPod to it’s full extent and I want to learn how to use blackboard