The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding was cool but they had to spend to much money on the wedding but i jest it was worther it. The wedding was in france and it was one of the best place to have a wedding. For all of thoes people that went to the wedding  they had must like what was going on and have a good itme there. If i went to the Royal wedding it would be one of the things that i would not go to because it is the waste og my time and i have better thing to do in my life to do. All of the people that went to the Royal wedding had gon crazy over the bride and the groom because they had the wedding. when the were geting meary all of the people wrere standing the hole time and they did not sit down at all. You would think that they would sit down and watch the wedding. There are some americans that would go to the wedding and have fun with the wedding.

The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding was beautiful well thoughtout wedding. Prince William and Catherine Middleton who is now known as Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor, got married in London, England. They got married after dating for nine years. The couple got married at the Westminster Abbey Church. This wonderful occation happened on April 29th very early in the morning. America personally is very interested in this royal wedding because america is all about gossip and press. It is a very big story to get ahold of. Some differences i noticed about the wedding is that it wasnt that big, it was beautiful but they could have made it ten times better with all the money they have. One thing i found interesting about the wedding is all the men in uniform marching around and the carrage with horses, it made everything look like a fantacy. The royal wedding was a unique wedding, the newly weds have great lives ahead of them.

Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden’s death affects the united states by the familys of those who were killed on 9/11 feel that they have finally brought the person who was responsible to justis. Also, i beleive that all americans feel safer and feel that we are gaining the upper hand on terrorism. Although the Al Qaeda will most likley have someone to take his place and continue, America will continue there war againt them. It will affect the Al Qaeda by hopefully making them realize that we will never give up on our fight to protect America from them. It will hopefully put a whole in there organization by loosing there leader and hopefully a financial one as well.

Royal Wedding/Osama Media Frenzy Blog Post

The royal wedding was on television all day long. It was a real big deal to a lot of people. On other hand, Osama Media Frenzy’s death was also very important. He cause so much trouble, everyone was very happy to know that he is now dead. Even though in my opinon he should of been dead a long time ago. Osama’s death was no where near as close to how much media was shown about the Royal Wedding. I feel as if the wedding was more intresting and exciting. Osama’s death was more of a relief.

Osama vs. Royal Wedding (Will Harris)

In my opinion I think that Osama is going to have more news coverage than the Royal Wedding. The reasons i think this is because people are more concerned with the death of a major terrorist than a wedding. I think the death is more important than the wedding because of all the things Osama had done to our country. He has done a lot of painful things to our country. He must not be forgotten because we do not want to have anymore terrorist attacks on the U.S. Although the Royal Wedding may be important Bin Laden’s death is alot more important than the wedding because people would rather hear about his death than the wedding.

The Murder Of Osama Bin Laden

Was the assassination of the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden a good thing or bad? Some people believe that there will be attacks from other terrorist to show retaliation for the assassination on their leader, Such as another attack on American Soil. This can mean change for the American troops, because they have no reason to stay in the Middle East. There will be a lot of countries pulling out of the War on Terrorism. Us as Americans can now start to focus on events happening on our own soil instead of trying to be the police of the world. Americans can have comfort knowing that the one responsible for all of the deaths on 9-11-2001 has served justice.

Osama’s Death

There is a less amount of media coverage about the Royals then the amount the media given to the Osama bin Laden death. Reason being because his death brought most Americans in so much excitement and the wedding meant nothing to America really. He brought death to America and the wedding just bored Americans. People only watched the Royals wedding because someone famous son got married and that’s it. When people heard about the death of Osama people where kind of waiting for about 10 years, so his death may bring more harm to the so called war or maybe end it. That’s why the Royals wedding vs. the death of Osama bin Laden death is less important or more exciting. The death people are maybe wondering if it is going to bring more problems to America.

.The Royal Wedding.

Hello, my name is Amanda G., and I’m from Sal’s 9th period class. Now the Royal Wedding, what is it you ask? It is the wedding between Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, a commoner. This wedding has taken place in London, England on 29th of April in 2011; taking place just a few days ago with hundreds of thousands of people attending. Yes, this wedding is not taking place in the United States, nor are we directly associated with it, but the United States have obviously been extremely interested in it. The main reason for this is because of it’s importance to our ally, England; this is the first royal wedding since 1981. Now, you could say that the only reason that we’re interested is our nation’s reputation for being nosy; feel free to think that, although it is going to be considered into our history because we are allies with them. I’ve, personally, found many things quite different and interesting about this wedding. Two of the things that interested me most about this wedding is that there were guards (not surprising, but we just don’t see guards at the weddings we have here), and there was shrubbery in place of the normal flowers. Another really interesting thing is that the attending audience is still standing through the whole thing, which is something that we do not do here. To each country their own, I guess. I feel that although this wedding will be history and it’s obviously an important wedding for them, I don’t believe that it deserves as much press attention as it has gotten.

Royal Wedding Frenzy

There has been a lot of news coverage on “The Royal Wedding” of Prince Will of England and Ms. Kate Middleton of England. They end up getting married in London, and it was really unique because it was the first wedding since the year of 1981. In my opinion I feel that Americans are very interested in the whole thing because we are very nosy, it could effect us in the long run, it is history in the making, and it does not happen every day. Their wedding was a lot different then “our” traditional weddings. There were people still standing as they were doing their vowels, there was a small bridal party that consisted of one for the bride and one for the groom, there were not many flowers unlike how a bride here would carry a bouquet of flowers, and they did not kiss right after they got pronounced husband and wife. I feel that the royal wedding was so “important” to us because it was something that does not really happen at all that much. There was a lot of news coverage on the wedding and there still is today, and in my opinion it is a good thing because we need to know about everything going on in the world, not just things that concern us.

Royal Wedding vs. Bin Laden Death

The Royal Wedding is a very cultural event that interests everyone in the United States. It is a very news covered event so everyone is informed of what is happening. But, in the same week one of the biggest terrorists that the US have been looking for for many years was killed. Osama Bin Laden was killed and I believe this is going to be a more news covered event. Even though the Royal Wedding is very big news the death of a major terrorist is going to have more media attention because of the amount of importance or even danger because of certain retalliation that might be given by supporters of Bin Laden. In the end though I believe that the death of Bin Laden should be given more attention because it could give information if there is danger in case of retalliation. Also this is big news and many people are going to be happy because of his death.