JC’S Course Expectations Blog Assignment

Two of the things I want to learn about in this 20th Century History class are the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists.   The reason I want to learn about John F. Kennedy is because there is a lot of controversy surrounding his death.  I want to learn about the destruction of the World Trade Center because it happened during my life time and it changed a lot of the way our country is run, so I’m interested in learning more about it.

As far as expectations about the technology are concerned,  we have been working on ipods for three weeks and it was not letting me log into anything.  Now I logged into my account on a computer and I am finally working on my assignment.  I guess I wish it was easier to work on the ipods because then I could actually get stuff done in class.

The other form of technology I would like to learn more about is a Flip Cam.   I heard you can make cool little movies with it and I thought it would be cool to make a stop-motion movie or clay-mation about something that happened in 20th century history, like a day on the battlefield or something.

My class Expectations.

Hi, my name is Andrew L. and I’m currently a freshman at New Brighton High School. In Mr. Salvucci’s class there is a lot of new technology that we use which comes with some opportunities, challenges, and mostly expectations from the class itself. My expectations for the class are I hope that we learn more about history than the technology because that’s what the class is about. Also I hope to learn a good bit of Beaver County history because that really interests me. My expectations for the technology are that we learn how to use the websites that we are currently signed up for to greatly enhance the learning experience and not just be a liability. Another thing that I expect from the technology is that we use the laptops every so  often because typing with the i pods is a challenging task. Those are my class expectations for period 8 Honors Civics and I hope that they are met as best as they can be.

Brant’s Course Expectations Blog

Hi. I’m Brant S. and I am in Mr. Salvucci’s 9th period 20th Century History Class. The first thing I would like to learn about in my 20th Century History class is the Cold War. I want to learn about the Cold War because it seems interesting and I don’t know much about it or why it happened. The next thing I would like to learn about is why the Vietnam War happened.

When using technology in class, I would rather use the computer than an Ipod because it is too small, I can’t read it, and it’s hard to log on because my fingers are too big for the buttons. I already know how to use a Flip Cam, so something we can use that for in class is we could film students doing reenactments of wars during the 20th century.

My Class Expectations

Hi my name is Vera T. I’m in Mr. Sal 3rd period economics/POD. I would love to learn more about my government because I really don’t know anything about my government. Also I would like to learn about how the government make money. Cause people be trying to make fake money and i want to know the different between the real money and the fake money if they both look the same. For the technology I would like to work the smart board becasue you have a whole lot to do with the board. Also how you write on the this pad and then you hook it up to the computer and there go all the notes you took for that day. So that if you lose your notes you can look on the computer and there go your work.

My Blog

Hello, I am Hannah S. I am in Civics period 5 with Mr. Salvucci. I would like to learn about the presidents. I have a lot of interest and unanswered questions about them. I would like to know how each president goes though the election and how they get picked to run. I would also like to learn about the history of the Unites States of America. I would like to because I want to know more about where I am living. Also about how the U.S became what it is today. I think the technology helps us very much. It helps to better understand the topic that we are discussing in class. The iPods for example help a lot. You do not have to carry a big book around school that can get damaged or lost. You can just go onto the internet and get all of your notes and other things that you may need. The smart board also helps the class. It shows what we are learning about physically rather than just writing it on a board. The teacher can show us the different things that go along with what we are learning in class and can show us examples of it. The technology that we are using in class helps the class move along fast and get though lessons with ease.

Class Expectations

Hello this is Rich S from 6th period 20th Century. I would like to learn about how our country was formed because I would like to understand more about our country’s past. I would also like to learn about the economy problems of our country because I do not quite understand what is going on economically. I enjoy using I-Pods in class, it makes taking notes easier. Making video projects and editing them on the computer is something I am happy with doing in this class.

What I want to learn

My name is mike r. and I am in your 8th period civics class. What I want to learn is governments of today and ancient times, and economics. I want to learn about our government because I do think it would benefit me when I am of age to vote. I want to learn economics to get a better understanding of Americas problems. This year I’m looking forward to using the iPods and the smartboard. In conclusion this is my class expectations.

Class Expectations

Hi, my name is Kailey and I am currently a freshman at New Brighton High School. In my honors economics class we are learning a variety of things such as different types of technology, and it also covers economic topics in many different categories. My teacher, Mr. Salvucci, is very intelligent in the field of technology and economics. That is why I expect to learn a lot! Some of the most important aspects of technology and economics I want to learn more about how to use the Ipod touches, the online blogs and classrooms, the economics systems, and learn about local history. I want to learn more about these things because I figure this is what our course is about considering I previewed the course overview.

Course blog expecatations

Hello my name is Zach W and i am in 20th century United State History class. The first thing i would like to learn about or expect to in class this year would have to be the vietnam conflict. I would like to learn about the vietnam war because it was a confict that left over 58,000 United States Americans dead. The war also last for about 19 years. It was also part of the cold war movement in which the United States was battling technological advances with the U.S.S.R. The Next thing that i would expect to learn about in my class is world war I. One reason why I would like to learn about that subject is because i have no clue why it even happen and who was even envolved I just know that there was one and thats it. You never hear anybody these days talking about world war I but you always or most of the time hear about world war II.

I expect to learn how to use the ipods in class this year. I expect that i will learn how to use various programs on the ipod to learn about the history of America. Also i am gussing we are going to learn how to properly use a Macintosh Computer. The reason for that being we might have to use various programs offered on that for projects that is not offered on Windows. I would like to learn the Macintosh also because in today’s world more and more people are begining to use Mac over PC.

Class expectations

I’m Marc, I am a freshman and 15 years old. What I would like to learn is how study civics and get a good grade in it. What I would like to learn fron the technology given to us in class is to type better on the iPod touch and how to master the way you use the Internet on it. I would like to learn about beaver county history. Since I live here, I would like to what has happened in the past.