Primary Confusion

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how the Democratic Primary will play out. People from both Sen. Obama’s campaign and Sen. Clinton’s campaign have been talking about delegates and how many are needed to win the nomination. The following article discusses the chance of a revote in Michigan, which was stripped of all of its Democratic delegates for moving the primary election ahead without permission from the national party. Things will only get more interesting as the Pennsylvania Primary draws near.

Open letter to my students about getting started

Hello everyone. This is the site we will be using for blogging. Class discussions have been good, so this is the next step…putting your thoughts out for a larger number of people to see. I appreciate you volunteering for this project. There are no wrong opinions if you base them on facts. Always support your ideas with examples, people may disagree with you, but they can never prove you wrong. The facts are your allies. Remember that anyone in the world can read what you right, so proofread your work. More importantly, be yourselves, you have great ideas and you express them well. This is your forum, I hope you enjoy the experience and learn something from it.


Mr. Sal