Thoughts and questions of the old west

Before I watched the video on the old west in class I thought it was more about cowboys, bank robberies, and train jacking. The cowboys I thought about were Billy The Kid, Jesse James, and Buffalo Bill. I thought their were a lot of bank robberies because of Hollywood’s movies about the old west. The train jacking I thought about a lot was the ones that the banditos rode up on horseback and took the train over and then took all the money and threw all the people off.

My ideas of the old west weren’t as accurate as what I thought they were going to be. The three reasons that held me back from this was that there was Indians already in the west that I never even thought about, the land in the west was supposed to be farmed, and the movies set the Indians out to be the bad guys and the whites were always the victims. I never really thought about the Indians because I never thought about the Indians living in the west . I didn’t think of the land being farmed because I thought it was boring for the west because I thought of all the gun fights and everything of that nature. The whites were always set out to be the victims and that wasn’t true to be perfectly honest because they were taking the Indians land that they practically gave to the whites and how do they repay the Indians by giving them small pox victims blankets and getting dogs to ripe them apart.

The events that were mentioned in the movie that I thought was very strange was the Alamo and the custard war. Mexico was forced to fight for there land at the Alamo. We met them on Mexican land and we invaded them to take over the Alamo. Then Texas legalized slavery afterwards so it didn’t help the cause. The Custard war was mentioned and I thought it was a very interesting battle. The custard war was fought against the Indians and then custard failed to take the land from the Indians. The Indians then were always protected in their land.

This video did make me doubt some other things that I have learned in the past years because I never thought of the west as farming and gun fighting as dirty as it was . The gun fighting  was so dirty back then the movies showed that at high noon the men would meet and shoot but gun fighting back then it was getting shot in the back and so on and so forth.


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