African American Activists

Hey this is Mitch K. from period six 20th Century Class. In the early 1900’s white Americans viewed African Americans as lazier, less intelligent, and more immoral than them. This racism caused many factories to hire African Americans. This means African Americans can’t get jobs. Most dangerous problems for African Americans was lynching. In 1892  230 people were lynched in the US.

Course expectations

Hello, this is Mitchell K in Mr. Sal’s 6th period class. My two expectations for this class are about wars. I want to learn about WWII and desert storm. I want to learn anout wars because i actualy find it interesting unlike all the stuff we learned about last year. I also want to learn about the wars because i want to join the military when i leave school. My two expectations about the technology are to be more functional with the iPods and to better understand all of the programs that we use this year. I want to be more comfertable with both of these items so I can be more efficent with what we are doing in class.