Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Autumn E

In the first video put out by our government, I believe the message they were trying to convey is that they were taking good care of the Japanese American Evacuees. I think it gives a very accurate portrayal of the Japanese American population besides the fact they call their ancestors “Aliens”.  The video shows that the Japanese thought that this sacrifice was them doing their part in the war effort, It shows them wanting to have normal lives, start working, building schools, farms, homes, and overall becoming a civilization.

In the second video, In my opinion the message they are trying to convey is that people in our country were made to think that Japanese Americans should not be allowed back into our country because they were disloyal. I do not think that the portrayal of Japanese Americans is correct at all, because for more than 80 years Asian immigrants were viewed as “economic threats”, there were laws that effectively banned them from the country, and the Japanese population that made it to America still had the lingering resentment increased after Pearl Harbor. Internment camps were isolated in deserts with harsh weather, and armed with barbed wire fencing and guard towers, small one-room apartments with little privacy and constant surveillance.

I believe video 2 showed a more accurate representation of what actually went on in our country and how people of different descent were treated, As the war continued public opinions worsened against Japanese Americans. Only 35% of the country thought that they should be allowed to return home after the war was over which kept the camps open for 3 years. On December 17th, 1994 the government announced that Japanese American Evacuees could return home, when they returned home, their homes were looted and all of their possessions were gone. There weren’t many jobs so a lot of them became homeless, no government assistance was given to those trying to rebuild their lives. Overall, video 2 tells you the most about the truth and that they weren’t actually well taken care of.

New Wiki

Morning signCreative Commons License Artur Rydzewski via Compfight

Sunrise or Sunset?  Glass Half Empty or Half Full?  Same information, yet different opinions as to what is going on.

In February I found out that Wikispaces was shutting down for good this year.  As a free user, I had until the end of May to migrate many years, over 10, of student information to a new Internet space.  If I did nothing, all of that information would disappear forever.  Student projects would disappear, student notes and resources would be be gone, years of work from many people would just evaporate into nothing.

At first I was devastated, Wikispaces was my first online presence and online class workspace.  From a nostalgic perspective I was losing a part of my history, from a practical standpoint I was losing a major tool out of my repertoire with days if not months of work ahead to try and salvage as much information as I possibly could.

As time has passed, I realized that this entire situation can be considered a new beginning with the potential to really expand my knowledge base.  This brings about short and long term goals that I must meet or lose a lot of information and history.

In the short term, I re-examined PBwiki, I remembered this sight from my first experience building an online presence.  This site was passed over for Wikispaces when I  first started this journey, oh the irony…right?  Well, I jumped back into it and started building  a new site, combining my student note wiki with my student project wiki.  PBwiki limits the number of sites one can use per email address, so combining the two was a necessity.

The wiki I used for my professional development presentations and educational resources can be found here, at least until the end of May.  It is being migrated to a separate PBwiki. I kept this as a separate wiki because I do not know how the storage limits will affect my information yet.

The long play is that I am playing around with Weebly and Google Sites as possible support or complimentary resources for my work.  There is always the possibility to expand my main web presence, mrsalvucci.com into a larger project.  For now these are just thoughts, with the main work focusing on saving the past and migrating a plethora of information to PBwiki.


Enrichment Opportunities 2017 2018 School Year

Students have been asking “Can I do extra credit?”  My response is always, “There are plenty of enrichment assignments you can attempt for enrichment points.”  What’s the difference?  Extra Credit is usually points just added on top of a students grade for whatever reason.  Enrichment Points are points added to a grade for completing an extra assignment, but they are averaged in as an extra test, quiz, or project, not just added on top of the existing grade.  They definitely help out, but not as much as just piling on points to the existing grade.

So what sort of projects to we have for enrichment?  I will keep the complete list on my website, mrsalvucci.com, they will be posted as their own page: Enrichment Assignments.  But for now, here is a quick list of projects students can explore for enrichment:

  • Working in some way shape or form on the class Internet Talk Show, “Wake Up New Brighton
    • We can use people on camera and behind the scenes to help showcase events and cool things about our school and community.
  • Creating a StoryCorps project about someone or something in the community.
  • Using the Livescribe Pen to take notes or create a pencast for your classmates.
  • Creating a review podcast to help your classmates with course materials.
  • Guest blogging on the class blog about a course of study topic or something you find interesting within the school or community at large.
  • Updating the class wiki to assist classmates with course information and notes.

The goal is to get students PUBLISHING and CONTRIBUTING to the Internet.  I hope to get them to become creators of positive and appropriate information and media.  To be aware of appropriate behaviors online in educational and general settings; where these habits can carry over into everyday social media experiences.  The students should have a positive digital footprint, one that they and their families can be proud of and use as a reference throughout their educational and professional careers.  The enrichment activities listed here are an attempt to move the students closer to those goals.

If you have any questions about this post or the enrichment activities, please feel free to contact me at my school email.