Royal Wedding and Death of Osama

Hi, this is Tyler M.  from period 1.

I feel that the death if Osama bin Laden is more important to the citzens of america then the royal wedding.  In my oppinion, his death is much more important because of what he did to us during 9/11.  He deserved death and the Americans are happy that we have finally killed him after all of these years.  The royal wedding however should not mean as much to us because we are not even from the UK, and the wedding does not really benefit us.  It is still great that there will be a new prince and princess in New England, but the death of Osama gives us a little peace of mind that such an awful person is finally dead, so we have some justice.  The royal wedding was very publicized, even in America, but it is not as important to us as Americans.  I believe that the death of Osama will be very publicized in these next few days and there will be a lot of talk about it.  This is why i feel the death of Osama bin Laden deserves more attention than the Royal Wedding.

Tyler M Crimes


Hello, this is Tyler M from Mr. Sal’s period one 20th century class. During the 1900’s there was a lot of crime in the United States. There are many ways too classify crimes such as violent crimes and property crimes, which were very common during the 20th century. There were a lot of attempts too help reduce crime as well, though there will always be crime in the world.

Violent crimes were crimes that hurt another individual in some way. h it be homicide, rape, or abuse violent crimes have been around much longer than the 20Th century. In some states murder was punishable by death, or you may have too go to jail for the rest of your life. However, during the 1900’s the homicide rate was slowly decreasing. The police forces and sheriffs in each state hired more authority too keep the states protected, which decreased the crime rates. Another way crime was lessened was by improving the court systems over the years. This helped too decrease crime by allowing harsher punishments for worse crimes that were committed.

Other crimes such as theft, loitering, vandalism are considered property crimes. Many people are desperate and feel the need too steal things too satisfy there needs, however, this is not a minor offense in some cases. Vandalism of others houses, cars, or other property is considered punishable by court, or jail time as well. The police have been trying too cut down on property crimes as well as violent crimes for a very long time. Sadly, the the crime rate has slowly increased since the 1960’s even though all of the added police force, and additional court hearings. In a sense, the government and the protection agencies have really tried too reduce the amount of crime throughout the 20th century, but humans will never be perfect, even with the added consequences at stake for them. To sum it up, crime was and still is a very serious issue that will never fully be resolved, but can keep improving.E