Royal Wedding and Death of Osama

Hi, this is Tyler M.  from period 1.

I feel that the death if Osama bin Laden is more important to the citzens of america then the royal wedding.  In my oppinion, his death is much more important because of what he did to us during 9/11.  He deserved death and the Americans are happy that we have finally killed him after all of these years.  The royal wedding however should not mean as much to us because we are not even from the UK, and the wedding does not really benefit us.  It is still great that there will be a new prince and princess in New England, but the death of Osama gives us a little peace of mind that such an awful person is finally dead, so we have some justice.  The royal wedding was very publicized, even in America, but it is not as important to us as Americans.  I believe that the death of Osama will be very publicized in these next few days and there will be a lot of talk about it.  This is why i feel the death of Osama bin Laden deserves more attention than the Royal Wedding.

Tuskegee Blog

Tyler M. Period 1

The Tuskegee Airmen project was a very successful achievement for African Americans during WWII.  It allowed African Americans to have the chance to prove that they are as efficient as white pilots in combat.  During this period in the Tuskegee air base, African Americans were being trained to prove that they were as capable as the white pilots to go into air combat.  The Tuskegee Airmen came from all over the United States, trained and fought hard, defined all odds, and were very successful.

Before the Tuskegee Airmen colored people were not allowed to fly airplanes in battle.  On April 3, 1939 congress passed the Appropriations Bill Public Law 18.  This made it possible for colored people to be trained to be pilots in war.  The war department also made it possible for funding to go to the training of the Tuskegee airmen.  In 1940 there was only 140 African American pilots in the United States.  They had to take many tests to begin their training.  They were sometimes forced to take several tests that were unnecessary.  They would only choose the black pilots with a certain level of flight experience or higher education.  This was intended to exclude most applicants.  It was done so that only the best African American pilots would be accepted so it would be a success.  The Tuskegee Airmen really started to look like it was going to be a success when the first lady flew with one of the black pilots.  The beginning program was ultimately a huge success for the United States.

It was a very hard travel for the Tuskegee airman. That had a long road ahead of them once that got to training. There were many airmen that were involved at the beginning and they gradually got less. They always did the best at flying and never got the chance to see any action in the air. They always had very good attitudes and showed a lot of respect towards there instructors. There were many white instructors and only a couple African. The Tuskegee Airmen had to go through a lot with racist comments. Some of them couldn’t handle all of that presser and the committed suicide. It took till close to the end of the war till the whites finally realized that the Africans were actually good at flying and could help them in many different ways. They only reason the whites thought they needed the Africans help was because the Africans showed up while they were patrolling and saved the captain of the whites. The Africans got there chance to shine and they did which made them just as equal as the whites.

A very positive legacy was created by the Tuskegee airmen during World War II.  Over time they began to show white Americans that they really cared about America, and were willing to die for it.  At first, many white people had their doubts that African Americans could become competent pilots.  Even when the odds were against them, the African American pilots never gave up, and were determined to learn, and better their skills so they could enter combat.  In fact, the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing never lost a single bomber while protecting them.  The white bomber pilots actually requested the African American pilots to protect them in some cases because they were very consistent.  The African Americans started becoming recognized, and awarded medals during the war.  In the long run, this really helped show the white Americans that the Tuskegee airmen were good pilots and deserve to be pilots.  They started to become recognized and this helped them in being treated as the white Americans, which helped lessen segregation.  All in all, the Tuskegee Airmen were a very important step towards ending racism in America, and showing that African Americans should be treated equally.

To sum it up, Tuskegee Airman had a titanic role during WWII. Tuskegee helped the advancement of African Americans to become equal in society. This also helped the army realize that African Americans can fly planes just as well as white people. The Tuskegee Airman was a complete success and will forever be remembered as an important event in American history.

WWI Game Blog Post

Hello, this is Tyler M. from period one 20th century.  I was part of the Austro Hungarian Empire.  This game consisted of spending Economic Points in order to increase your empire’s strength.  Building your industries and colonies gave you extra economic points to spent the next time through, but you also had to expand your navy and army incase you has to go to war.

The economic points were given at the beginning of the game at random quantities.  You had to put your economic points into either navy, army, colonies, or industries.  Increasing your industries and your colonies gave you double the economic points you were able to spend the next round through.  Each round was considered one year for your country or empire.  In order to make your empire stronger you had too increase your navy and army, but you do not get youir economic points back.  We made a balance of navy and colonies so we could get a strong empire and still have points too spend.

Each country could make treaties with other countries.  THe treaties must be signed by the country you were trying to side with.  However, a treaty could be broken so you had too make sure you trusted who you were siding with.  While in a treaty countries could share economic points, army, and navy.  We made a treaty with Russia and Great Britian and we stuck with them until the end.

I was fairly pleased with my countries outcome.  Even though our country started out weak we made it fairly strong over time and we had strong allies as well.  In the end the other 3 countries teamed up and ended up destroying us, but we put up a good fight.  If I were to do anything differently  it would be who I were to make an alliance with.

Throughout this whole game I have acquired a better understanding of diplomacy.  In a real life situation like this you would need to be very careful who you made treaties with and who you could trust.  Some countries may be stronger, but they may try to back stab you in the end.  All in all, this WWI game was a fun and educational way to help us understand what it takes too build a strong nation and who you can trust when it comes to war.

Tyler M Crimes


Hello, this is Tyler M from Mr. Sal’s period one 20th century class. During the 1900’s there was a lot of crime in the United States. There are many ways too classify crimes such as violent crimes and property crimes, which were very common during the 20th century. There were a lot of attempts too help reduce crime as well, though there will always be crime in the world.

Violent crimes were crimes that hurt another individual in some way. h it be homicide, rape, or abuse violent crimes have been around much longer than the 20Th century. In some states murder was punishable by death, or you may have too go to jail for the rest of your life. However, during the 1900’s the homicide rate was slowly decreasing. The police forces and sheriffs in each state hired more authority too keep the states protected, which decreased the crime rates. Another way crime was lessened was by improving the court systems over the years. This helped too decrease crime by allowing harsher punishments for worse crimes that were committed.

Other crimes such as theft, loitering, vandalism are considered property crimes. Many people are desperate and feel the need too steal things too satisfy there needs, however, this is not a minor offense in some cases. Vandalism of others houses, cars, or other property is considered punishable by court, or jail time as well. The police have been trying too cut down on property crimes as well as violent crimes for a very long time. Sadly, the the crime rate has slowly increased since the 1960’s even though all of the added police force, and additional court hearings. In a sense, the government and the protection agencies have really tried too reduce the amount of crime throughout the 20th century, but humans will never be perfect, even with the added consequences at stake for them. To sum it up, crime was and still is a very serious issue that will never fully be resolved, but can keep improving.E

My expectations

Hi I’m Tyler m. from pd.1. I would to learn more about ww2, and the holocaust. I would like tonlearn about these because they seem interesting. I would learn more about the iPods and and the apps. I want to learn about these because they seem helpful to know about.