Eclipse Creativity Project by Zack W.

An eclipse is when the sun gets covered by the moon in its orbit, there is usually one every 6 months or so but this year was a total eclipse. That means the sun is completely blocked out by the moon. The last total eclipse to cross over Pennsylvania was in 1806, in this eclipse much more of PA was in the path of totality while the one that just happened was more westwardly. In 1806 the Lewis and Clark expedition began its journey home, and Andrew Jackson killed Charles Dickens in a deadly duel. I think it would be an unforgettable experience for those who saw the 1806 total eclipse. There is an underground railroad event happening around the eclipse in western Pennsylvania, it lasts from April 6th to the 27th. In North America the Albuquerque international balloon fiesta, the indy 500, and the national cherry blossom festival. The April 8th eclipse made a surprising amount of people think that the world was going to end, many people across social media were terrified the world was going to end. A couple of events surrounding the eclipse are the Eclipsefest, the total solar eclipse weekend at vacationland, and solar eclipse at Buhl farm park. During the eclipse was in my backyard watching it.

Eclipse Creativity Project by Jesse S.

A Solar Eclipse

Ellia willard cox 

 n that great journey of the stars through space
About the mighty, all-directing Sun,
The pallid, faithful Moon, has been the one
Companion of the Earth. Her tender face,
Pale with the swift, keen purpose of that race,
Which at Time’s natal hour was first begun,
Shines ever on her lover as they run
And lights his orbit with her silvery smile.

Sometimes such passionate love doth in her rise,
Down from her beaten path she softly slips,
And with her mantle veils the Sun’s bold eyes,
Then in the gloaming finds her lover’s lips.
While far and near the men our world call wise
See only that the Sun is in eclipse.

   The first means start of the eclipse 

Moon and sun combining  

About the states in the sun 

Everybody watching the equals 

What it look like 

My reason talk about how it start to how it ends 




Eclipse Creativity Project by Mason S.

The solar eclipse is when the moon phases between earth and the sun and creates a shadow on our planet. 

The eclipse of 1806 crossed from california to massachusetts. It was a long duration eclipse and was at nearly 5 minutes at the greatest point of totality. All the people were left in suspense and anxiously waiting for the eclipse to pass. People thought that many generations must pass away before something like that occurs. Some things that were happening in that year was the Lewis & Clark Exhibition reaching the Pacific Ocean, Construction of the National Road was authorized, & the U.S. Congress passes the Non-importation Act. All events that I can find happening in western pa in the modern age are concerts, sports events, and movie premiers. Some of the events that have happened in the modern era are the 9/11 attacks, battery powered cars introduced, and COVID-19.

The recent eclipse was interesting. There were people who thought this meant the end of the world, but other people who saw it as a once in a lifetime event. Some events were concerts, lodging, and watch parties.

During the eclipse, I was on my back deck with my family. We were all looking at the eclipse and talking about how cool it looked. 

Solar Eclipse Creativity Project by Logan B.

Pennsylvania will once again be in the direct line of a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. The last time Pennsylvania was in direct line with a total eclipse was 1806. While the path is somewhat westwardly oriented in comparison to the last total eclipse, much of Pennsylvania will lie within the paths of totality or partial totality.

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth that either fully or partially blocks the Sun’s light in some areas. The light from the solar eclipse is dangerous and could damage your eyes leaving you blind. Even though it is still the sun’s light which we are used to, during the solar eclipse it gets very dark causing our pupils to dilate to take in even more light then we normally would from the sun, but when it goes into the 100% totality phase then you are able to look at it until it is over. That’s why everybody is told to wear special glasses for the solar eclipse to watch it outside of the 100% phase.

 Because of how rare an event this is for this area there is an estimated 200,000-250,000 people to be traveling to the Erie area for the solar eclipse and that’s not including the amount of people that already live there. But for people who are still near it but not in the totality range will still see a lot of people out looking at the eclipse.

A lot of people today are scared of the solar eclipse because they’re saying it could be the start of the revelations, while some think the opposite and that it’s completely okay and everything is just a coincidence so it has stirred up a lot of attention on social media. Their reasoning for that is it was rumored that the 100% totality range was covering multiple different cities called Nineveh, which was a prophecy in the bible and because of that people thought it would be the start of the end of the world but as we saw, it didn’t.

I went to Meadville to go see the solar eclipse which was a good decision because we were in the 100% totality area while If I didn’t do that and I stayed in the county It wouldn’t have been as cool. The drive to Meadville was a lot longer than usual because of all the traffic on the way there and back but it was still worth it. 

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Eclipse Creativity Project by Tyler Z.

I remember the solar eclipse of 2024 


I remember the day before thinking i had to go to school


I remember the hours leading up to the eclipse all the rumors on tic tok 


I remember the date of the solar eclipse the date was 4/8/24


I remember loading my quad to go riding that day and getting warnings about wearing my glasses 


I remember picking up a few people to go riding with 


I remember around 3pm it started getting dark


I remember looking thru my glasses into the sun and seeing a little sliver of the wood 


I remember trying to find my other pais of glasses and turn out i forgot them at my house 


I remember it only getting as dark as the evening in the summer 


I remember it was like a nice 65 degrees fahrenheit when it went dark 


I remember waiting all day for the eclipse


Thats how i remember the solar eclipse of 2024

Eclipse Creativity Project by Austin I

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and blocks out part of the Sun. A total eclipse is when the moon is close enough to Earth that it completely blocks out the Sun. The last total eclipse to take place in Pennsylvania happened on June 16, 1806. That’s a long time ago and things were very different back then than they are now in 2024. People back then took the eclipse a lot more differently than today. Back in 1806, Thomas Jefferson was in his fifth year of presidency and Lewis and Clark were starting to make their way home. Some people thought the eclipse was bad luck, like Christian Crackler who blamed his bad growing season on the solar eclipse. Another person (Truman Gilbert) was building his house with the help of some Indians. While they were working, the eclipse happened and the Indians got horribly frightened. They stopped working, grabbed their bows and arrows and started firing at the darkening sun. 

Back in 1806 people would fear the solar eclipse and assume that it brought bad luck. Today on April 8, 2024 people gather in the thousands to watch it. With Joe Biden as president and not long after a global pandemic. Highways going north towards Erie were packed and after the eclipse coming back was probably worse. People gathered and watched the eclipse through special sun viewing glasses. During the eclipse many scientists take the time to study it. They look for things that can only be seen during the eclipse. In Texas, some people from far away flew in on small planes and camped in the airport’s tarmac to view the eclipse. As for me I stayed in my backyard, propped a chair back, and watched the show. My mom asked if we should go somewhere different to view it but I wanted to watch it in our backyard. For it was my first time watching an eclipse in my backyard. 

Eclipse Creativity Project by Ava L.

The solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and earth, casting a shadow on earth while blocking the sun. The solar eclipse happens when the moon moves between the sun and earth.

The Eclipse of 1806 in western pa the moon partially blocked the sun, creating beautiful celestial special in the sky. people in western pa experienced the absolute darkness in that short moment of the eclipse. In that time the US was going through a period of growth and change. It was a time of westward expansion with people such as Lewis and Clark embarking on their very famous expedition. the country was also dealing with political issues such as ongoing tensions between Federalists and the Democratic- republicans. The people had very mixed reactions to these events.
some were filled with curiosity and some with excitement. Others had strong opinions about the political debates.

The Eclipse was viewed by people today with excitment because some people only get to experience it once in a lifetime. many people traveled aways to get the full experance of the eclipse. I was watching the eclipse with my little brother on my back porch.

Eclipse Creativity Project by Matt S.

From- Matt S

In the vast sky, the sun and moon align,

A dance of shadows, a moment divine.


The eclipse arrives, a celestial show,

Day turns to night, a magical flow.


The moon embraces the sun’s warm light,

A fleeting kiss in the dark of night.


Stars twinkle brightly, the world holds its breath,

Nature’s spectacle, a union of life and death.


Birds cease their songs, the world stands still,

As shadows dance on every hill.


A moment of wonder, a sight so rare,

The eclipse’s beauty, beyond comparison.


In the shadow’s embrace, we find our place,

Connected to the cosmos, in awe we gaze.


The sun and moon, in perfect symmetry,

A timeless reminder of our place in eternity.

2024 Eclipse Creativity Project by Ariel N.

The solar eclipse that happened on April 8th was called a total eclipse or totality if you will, meaning the Sun was completely blocked out by the moon for around 3-2 minutes. This happens because the Moon’s cycle ends up passing through the Earths and the Sun which casts a shadow on certain parts of the Earth. During the eclipse the sky has a cast or shadow and the people here on earth can see the outer atmosphere corona. 

This kind of solar eclipse only happened on some parts of the earth like Antarctica , Australia, and southern South America. People in those states or regions got to see the moon cover the sun with their solar eclipse glasses and all the other places of the world also had it as well.

Kinds of events such as the solar eclipse are rare events that people come from all over the world to see. Scientists and astronomers have been studying the sun and its interactions with other planets. Many people from many cultures have their own myths about the eclipse. The eclipse is important to some people, scary for others and people don’t care.

In 1806, the same thing happened in this region on its path called a totality eclipse. This was the first time that any human had ever seen anything like that; the eclipse in 1806 happened in Western Pennsylvania; it was a very uncommon sight for those who were lucky enough to witness it. The darkness that was cast over made the animals in that time disheveled.

The people back then had seen the eclipse to be a pending doom or a message sent by the gods that the world was coming to its last days. Scientists and astronomers took advantage of the event and studied it to no end and are still to this day. They studied it trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. The solar eclipse in 1806 was a very memorable and significant time bringing the world together as a whole.

The U.S.  had a couple events on the 8th of April where there were many parties and events organized by astronomy clubs, science centers , and universities . Some towns or cities along the eclipse path I’m sure threw some parties or festivals to celebrate the occasion. There were also many people who traveled to see the eclipse to witness it. Hotels and stuff like that booked people months in advance all over the world. 

The people in 2024 were absolutely amazed by this eclipse and some people were also very fearful of what would come next. Many people described the eclipse as a “once in a lifetime moment” , some even beginning to cry because it was so beautiful they had thought the sight was. People shared their experience on social media expressing their gratitude and appreciation for being able to see such an uncommon event. The sense of just unity and wonder if you will that was brought by the eclipse was astonishing .

The solar eclipse in western Pennsylvania 2024, was a day that everyone or most people had come together to celebrate an uncommon show the universe was putting on. It was time for people in the community to just come together and appreciate what was going on around them. Many people gathered safely to watch the eclipse with their glasses or welding helmets to be able to see the inspiring work the universe or atmosphere can really do. It was a solid moment of wonder and appreciation.

The solar eclipse of 2024, was a highly awaited event across the United states. People from everywhere were coming to see the eclipse. Many cities or towns organized a few parties so people could coe and safely see the eclipse with special glasses. There were a couple scientific trips and different researchers all around us to observe and study the eclipse. It was a real and breathtaking sight for some who had gotten to see it out of a telescope. The 2024 eclipse was the last and only eclipse of totality we will see for over 200 years.

During the eclipse there were various events  and gatherings happening throughout the United states to celebrate the event. Many cities and towns on the eclipse path setup view parties for the homeless and gave them glasses and they welcomed anyone to come see the show with 25 cent pairs of glasses,it was a great opportunity to learn the science behind totality and how we view it today!

This eclipse was perceived as a big anticipated and thrilling moment all over the world. Many people were excited and couldn’t wait to be able to see the astonishing view of the eclipse, there were so many opportunities to really learn about why the solar eclipse happens so often!! Two of the things I learned just by participating in this project, one of them is that the solar eclipse path only goes a few dozen miles wide and can 100% shift every eclipse. The second one is that the eclipse that happened in 2009 lasted 6 minutes and 40 seconds.. Cool huh.

In addition to all of the viewing parties and stuff that was being held there were also a lot of educational programs and eclipse tours people could look at to raise awareness about the solar eclipse. Many of the people that had traveled took it upon themselves to learn about ‘solar phenomena’ , astronomy, and how to save our planet from climate change. The eclipse of 2024 really showed some of us Americans that we have so much to be thankful for that our world provides for us that we all take for granted.

During the solar eclipse of 2024 I was outside drinking sprite watching it happen with my pap right before I had to go in to work which sucked wish I could have watched the whole thing with him but I had to go to work. When I got home from work we all cooked but sat down and ate then the day after the eclipse my pa had to go home back to ohio.