Is it all really worth it? A reaction to Osama’s death.

Hello, it’s me Josh B again from Mr. Sal’s ECON/POD class. Today I’m blogging about the recent breaking news of Osama bin Laden’s death and the possible repercussions of this endeavor. Even though the terrorist leader Osama has been in power for over 10 years and has been using his money and influence to start guerilla warfare with the American troops in the Middle East, is it all really worth it? The terrorist leader is an unset factor in this war, the leader can easily be changed to another person, and they may be angry that we killed their leader already. The lack of money on the other hand may cause the terrorist group to attack citizens in their own country for ransom money or even to kill them for their assets. In total I think the anger of the terrorists along with the possible war with Pakistan for intruding on their land without their consent.

How I feel as an American citizen now.

Hi this is Kelly E from Mr. Sal’s period six twentieth century class. As of late news we’ve been informed that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. He was killed May first in his palace in Pakistani by a group of navy seals. As a citizen in the United States this doesn’t make me feel any safer. This is because Osama Bin Laden probably has successors, and people who will want revenge for his death. This in turn may lead to more terroristic actions against the United States, or war. Though it is a very good thing his dead I believe we should still be very wary of what we do. Al-Qaeda is still around, and will want revenge.

“The Royal Wedding”


 The two wonderful couple Prince William and Catherine Middleton has finally had there royal wedding. Prince William had first proposed to Catherine Middleton in October during a private holiday in Kenya. He had given her his mothers wedding ring. Prince William had first announced to everyone that the wedding will be held in 2011. The royal wedding was held Friday April 29, 2011. The wedding was in the Westminster Abbey at 4:00 am. The wedding had attracted a worldwide TV audience of 2.5 billion people. The wedding had lasted 4 hours. I think it is such an important event because he is going to be king and she would then be queen.

Osama Bin Laden’s dead


Osama Bin Laden created the catrostophe on September 9, 2001 and has been hiding out ever since. We have been searching for Osama Bin Laden for ten years. He has been going from cave to cave hiding from us. He was the leader of a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda or The Base. The U.S. had found his trail in August of 2010 and they found and killed him on May 1, 2001 at. Now that we have killed him i believe that someone new will take his place. They are probable talking about revenge as we speak.