Is it all really worth it? A reaction to Osama’s death.

Hello, it’s me Josh B again from Mr. Sal’s ECON/POD class. Today I’m blogging about the recent breaking news of Osama bin Laden’s death and the possible repercussions of this endeavor. Even though the terrorist leader Osama has been in power for over 10 years and has been using his money and influence to start guerilla warfare with the American troops in the Middle East, is it all really worth it? The terrorist leader is an unset factor in this war, the leader can easily be changed to another person, and they may be angry that we killed their leader already. The lack of money on the other hand may cause the terrorist group to attack citizens in their own country for ransom money or even to kill them for their assets. In total I think the anger of the terrorists along with the possible war with Pakistan for intruding on their land without their consent.


Hello, I am Josh B from Mr. Sal’s period 3 ECON class and today’s topic is externalities. There are many different externalities in buisiness and industry, but they can all be split into two groups; negative externalities and positive externalities. Negative externalities can be many things, but generally they are things that harm people or the environment. Government steps in to regulate these negative externalities because if not the factories will ignore the pollution they are causing and the open resources like water and sun power are deteriorated. They also regulate for future items, like saying that the cars cannot emit a certain amount of carbon. Positive externalities are things that are caused by products or industries that help the people or environment. The government in this case try to increase the production of the positive externalities to help the people and environment that were previously harmed by negative externalities.

Josh B 10-10-10 project

Hello, I am Josh B In Mr. Sal’s PoD class and recently we completed a project having to do with One Day on Earth. This project is about many different things that happened on 10-10-10 all around the world. For our project Stewart S, Aaron C, Sean B, and I took pictures of firemen during their job, we meshed the pictures together into a video and put a song to it, we chose to follow the firemen because we respect their work and how they volunteer to help people with nothing in return. We could have done better work for the project, the only picture we have of the fire has a black mark from someone’s finger across the lens. Altogether we did well, I would change the fact that we didn’t make a song of our own, which was our original idea.

Josh Bs expectations

Hello, I am Josh B and I am in Mr. Sal’s period 3 ECON/POD. One expectation for his class is to be more understanding of the modern economy and learn about the way student loans and loans in general. I would also like to learn about psychology so I can better understand the working of the human psyche. Within the class room I would also like to learn how to better use blackboard because many colleges use it for their classes and even extra credit choices for students. As another technology i would like to learn about is Animoto. The way I could possibly use this is to better make projects for classes and make a larger impression for my professors in college.