Class Expectations

Hello, I’m Olivia R. I’m in Mr. Salvucci’s 3rd period POD/Economics class. I am looking forward to learning more about today’s issues in politics, and I’m also looking forward to learning about the everyday things that i will need in the real world such as dealing with finance and checkbooking and such. As far as technology goes, I am looking forward to becoming more knowledgeable about using the iPods and
also learning about all the ways that the class communicates online.

I really don’t keep myself updated on current events so this will be an interesting class to learn about those types of things. I am also very much looking forward to learning about how to organize myself financially and how to write out checks and balance checkooks, because those are things that I will need to learn in real life.
I enjoy the fact that this class envoles technology that I am familiar with, such as the iPods, and I am looking forward to learning more about them than I already know. The thing that I am still a little confused on is all the different sites and usernames and keeping track of what website we use for what. I want to learn to get used to these kinds of things because I know that in college I will be expected to use much of the information that we are going to learn in this class.