The death of Osama Bin Laden is obviously a great triumph for America. He was a sick and destructive man that undoubtedly deserved to die. Some people may feel like we were finally safe from terrorism now that the head-honcho of al Qaeda is dead, but I’m not so sure that this means complete safety for us. Whenever something huge like this happens, it is bound to start something else. Osama’s people are most certainly very upset and that could lead to retaliation and attacks. Al Qaeda is a multi-national organization with many Senior Leaders who are still free and participating in the acts of terrorism. I hope that his death does not start something else, but I still feel that the possibility is there.


Externalities – OLIVIA ROWAN P.3!

Positive exteranlities are by-products of consumption or production that benefit third parties, who are not buyer or seller. Whereas, negative externalities are by-products of production or consumption that impose costs of third parties, neither buyers nor sellers.
The government intervenes, because they need to be able to regulate things. If the government did not step in and put an order to things, the people would buy and sell as they pleased, and that could start issues for the economy.

Olivia’s One Day on Earth

Hello, I’m Olivia, and I’m in Mr. Sal’s economic class. We recently did a project dealing with the One Day on Earth project, which is expanded much farther than just our classroom. It is a pretty neat project where on the day of 10/10/10, everyone was to document thier day either by video or pictures.
For my project, I chose to work individually. I worked on 10/10/10, so I took pictures throughout my work day. Also, after work, I took pictures of things going on around where I spent my evening. I was up around the Monaca shopping center and went to the movies. I think my project turned out pretty good, be because the pictures are documenting what a day in the life of me is like, and that’s what I was going for to complete this project. I liked the project, and I think it will be very interesting to see how other people spent their day and what else was going on in the world on 10/10/10.

Class Expectations

Hello, I’m Olivia R. I’m in Mr. Salvucci’s 3rd period POD/Economics class. I am looking forward to learning more about today’s issues in politics, and I’m also looking forward to learning about the everyday things that i will need in the real world such as dealing with finance and checkbooking and such. As far as technology goes, I am looking forward to becoming more knowledgeable about using the iPods and
also learning about all the ways that the class communicates online.

I really don’t keep myself updated on current events so this will be an interesting class to learn about those types of things. I am also very much looking forward to learning about how to organize myself financially and how to write out checks and balance checkooks, because those are things that I will need to learn in real life.
I enjoy the fact that this class envoles technology that I am familiar with, such as the iPods, and I am looking forward to learning more about them than I already know. The thing that I am still a little confused on is all the different sites and usernames and keeping track of what website we use for what. I want to learn to get used to these kinds of things because I know that in college I will be expected to use much of the information that we are going to learn in this class.