El Expectations

Howdy hey, Sara from Mr. Sal’s period five civics class wants to share her expectations of the class and the technology in it with all of you beautiful people. In actuality, she doesn’t want to, but has to. In any case:

As far as the class itself goes, I really only expect that we learn what our roles as citizens are and why each of them is important in the long run (definition of civics shamelessly taken from Wikipedia – what can I say, I had no idea what civics actually was) since that’s what the class is supposed to be about, and that we learn as much as the students in honors civics do. Can’t have our class learning less just because we’re ‘regular’, right?

As for the technology in the classroom, I hope that we’ll actually use all of the accounts that we created fairly often because I get annoyed when I make accounts for things I’ll never use anyway, and that we’ll learn to use a lot of things that we aren’t already familiar with (that’s already been accomplished, though, I’d never really used an iPod Touch before this class). I think that way, we will take our learning experience to the MAX!

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