Royal Wedding or Bin Laden?

One reason that the Royal Wedding may be more important in the long run, more than the death of Osoma Bin Laden is because, the marriage of the Prince and the Princess is a Royal tradition that has been around for a long time.  There has been many kings and queens, prince and princesses, and every year it has gotten the same publicity just as the Royal Wedding in 2011.  The wedding will impact our futurer forever because it is a more up to date wedding and most of us all got to witness every little detail on tv.  It did deserve to have all the press and media because we can really see our own history and what it will bel like maybe 60 years from now until the next Royal Wedding.

One reason that the death of Osama Bin laden may be more important for our future is because, many people believe that he had alot to do with many different tragadies in the US.  Some believe that he had something to do with 9-11.  Others think that his kids may take his footsteps and continue on with his acts.  On the internet, they think that since his death, America faces threats towards our future more dangerous the Al Queda.

Theres always am opinoin whether or not either will be that historical in our future but i believe that the death of Osama will have a bigger impact on our future.

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