hi my name is chyenne and i am in Mr. Sal’s period 3 pod class. hte negative exertnalities in the passage would be if they were to approve the oil drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, this would the society greatly especially the animals they would not be able to survive. And a positive externalities would be the benifit of this giving us more oil for gas and this would reduce the gas prices.

One dayy on earthhhh !!!

Hi my name is Chyenne C an i am in mr.sal’s 3rd period pod class. we have just got finished with out first project, ‘ One day on Earth’ , for this project my group took pictures throughout the whole day of 10/10/10. Throughout my day i didn’t really do much cause it was a sunday, an sundays are very relaxing days for me. In the morning i had to go to cheering practice a my coaches house to paint my pep-rally shirt,then followiing after i went to one of my friends house an chilled for the day an played sims an watched jersey shore. I thought this was a very interesting project an easy project to accomplish.

My expectationssss

Hi I’m chyenne & I’m in mr sal’s pod class,I would like to learn how to balance a check book, I feel that i need to Learn about this because I am entering adulthood pretty soon & I have no clue how to balance a check book so it’s time for me to learn another thing I would like to learn about is psychology. The reason I’ m interested in learning about this is because i would really like to go to school for it.this year i want to learn more about the different technology that we’re using, i really am intrested in the fact that we’re using ipod’s to do our class work. Another thing that i like is the edmodo cite that we’re using, it seems intresting & easy to to do.