Osama’s Death

There is a less amount of media coverage about the Royals then the amount the media given to the Osama bin Laden death. Reason being because his death brought most Americans in so much excitement and the wedding meant nothing to America really. He brought death to America and the wedding just bored Americans. People only watched the Royals wedding because someone famous son got married and that’s it. When people heard about the death of Osama people where kind of waiting for about 10 years, so his death may bring more harm to the so called war or maybe end it. That’s why the Royals wedding vs. the death of Osama bin Laden death is less important or more exciting. The death people are maybe wondering if it is going to bring more problems to America.

Tuskegee Airmen

Hey my name is Chris in Mr. Sal’s/ Miss Byers’s class period 9. Years before the Tuskegee Airmen there was only white american pilots. After WWI African Americans tried to become pilots but where not accepted in. The Tuskegee Airmen came together to become the first African Americans to be pilots. They cam together to see if African Americans can fly planes in battle. They did become pilots but some did not. Some of the pilots dead in training or in during war. Some of their attitudes changed when others in training deaded or left , so some changed because they where scaried. In war men dead and the men who where close to them changed a lot. Also some of the men changed when they won some part of the war. When some one got a medal they changed big time because they earned something for doing something right. I think since the airmen achevied so much people started thinking different about them. That they are good or can fly a plane or trustworth. After the Tuskegee Airmen there are many African American pilots.

World War I

Hello my name is Chris in mr.Sals period 9 class. Thomas woodrow Wilson was The twenty eighth President of the USA and the leading supporter of the League of Nations. Intelligent, considerate, and idealistic, he led the countr through some of its darkest days during World War I. Wilson’s intelligence, ability to sort details, and commanding presence came to the attention of New Jersey’s political leaders, who proposed that he ren for public office. Wilson was the leader at the 1918 Peace Conference that ended the war, but he pushed himself too hard ,and in 1919 he suffered a severe stroke.

Francis Ferdinand was born in Graz, Austria. He was the oldest son in his family and he was the nephew of the emperor francis Joseph. When he turned 12 years old francis inherited the title archduke of austriaeste. He became heir to the Austro hungarian empire in 1899, after the death of his father and his cousin, Crown prince Rudolph. In June 1914 his wife and him were assassinated by the Serb nationalist. Then a month later World War I start.

While proponents of the League of Nations saw that organization as a vehicle for ensuring world peace, those who opposed joining the League argued that the United States would lose its independence. We can not send our representatives to sit in council with the representatives of the other great nations of the world with mental reservations as to what we shall do in case their judgment shall not be satisfactory to us.


Hi my name is Chris Y I am in your period 9. The United States has always been a land of immigrants. Immimgrant are people from other countries to come and live there. In the 1800s and early 1900s Europeans came to American cities to live. Between 1880 and 1920 about 25 million immigrants entered the United States. That was half as many people as lived in the entire country in 1880. The government has been trying to fix and keep thoughs immimgrants out of the United States. It did not work because will still have many illegal Immiigrants in the United States. We have them still here because they are sneaking in and getting there way around.

Chris sal’s class

Chris in sals class: the technology is kind of easy but the Internet kind of s**** because it slow and doesn’t work sometimes and also doesn’t let my friend Ransom log in. I want to learn about some of the wars we where in in the 20th century. Also I guess things on presidents.