royal Wedding and osama bin laden

I think that most of the news reports are going to be on both of  the events. There is not going to be that one gets more. Both event are big news, they both will get equal shares of the news reports. the royal wedding and the death are two big things that happened in our world. Two of the most imporent people got married. The death of the man that we have been trying to get for 10 years. we finally got him and now our would may be better with the two equaling each other out, there was something good to make the bad or good thing of Osama bin laden death seem so much better.

WWI Game

Hi! My name is Emily K.   I am in 9th period.  The empire I was a part of was Germany.

We spent our economic point by buying just Navies and industries. We bought navies because when we would have a war with someone the navies would double up and that would help us win. We also just bought industries because they gave us economic points to buy more of what we needed.

We made treaties with France and the Ottoman. We made the treaties with them because they were gaining power. When we joined with them we had so much power it was unstoppable. We won every war that we started.  We all keep our treaties with each other till the end and we ended up winning out of three class periods.

I am very pleased with my country outcome we did really well. We had a very good plan. Once we got treaties with the other country we had and even better outcome. We won and we gained a lot of power. We did really well in this game and we dominated.

What I would do different would be to buy more navies and just that. The navies give us a better advantage over the other country. The navies would help up win. The navies play a big part in the plan if I would do it different.

I do now know how diplomacy works in our world. I did not know much about what that had to do with my life. Now I know how it deals with our lives today. I did really enjoy playing this game it helped me understand things better and it was a lot of fun. It also helped our class work together.

woman suffage

Hi my name is Emily K from Mr.Sal 9th period  20th cent. class. Most of the woman in this time period had more responsibility then the men. Woman were outraged about things that where going on in the world like the child labor in th factories. Mostly all the woman where not able to read and write. The woman were mostly around to take care of the kids and doing things around the house. the woman where not able to vote.

My class exspectations

Hi I am Emily K . What i would like to learn in this class is something about the 2oth century. I would like to know what there lives where like and some if the thing they want though. Why I would like to learn these things is to see how much it relates to our lives today.