20th <3

Well, hey there. I’m Kristo. I pretty much ADORE  history. I’m in 20th at the moment.

There are some things I really want to learn more about. One of which is pretty much everything that happen in the 1960’s. Gay rights,Women’s rights,and HIPPIES! I do have reasons.

Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, and Harvey Milk

This probably my favorite topic because so much happened! I believe in equal rights for every one, no matter what. I’m a liberal;  What can I say? 🙂 Harvey Milk was a HUGE inspiration to every one, not just gay community. He showed that you can do anything no matter who you may be.


Hippies are like the coolest humans alive. Hey were so accepting and were liberal. They loved nature and had WOODSTOCK! I wish I was alive in the sixties. They were super chill and believed in free love and equality. They were so natural it was beautiful, man.  The music at Woodstock was amazing. (ex. Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, ect.)

In short, the 1960’s were amazing. I really do wish I was alive in the sixties. The music was groovy, the Hippies were so cool, and it was a decade for change. 🙂