Food safety by Nick C.

Hi this is Nick c. from Mr. Sals period 6 class. There is a very important issue I want to discuss, food safety, food safety is a big issue that doesn’t really take a whole lot of actions to prevent the things that make food safe. In the 20th century child labor was in full swing and in meat packing plants children were working and sometimes children didn’t come home because they fell in the meat processor and were made into burgers and hot dogs. And since the age of meat packing plants being unclean the plants started cleaning up and now they have USDA inspected meat, USDA choice, and such other cuts that are all beef and not other things.
Like most Americans, you probably heard the stories of people losing their fingers and limbs and instead of shutting down production the meat packing plants would keep making hot dogs, and hamburgers. Now production would stop the whole batch would be thrown out and the whole place would be sanitized and clean. But back then they didn’t care rats and other vermin would be put in the meat as fillers and Americans would eat them unknowingly. That is why the USDA was formed, to keep meat safe clean.

What I want to learn

My course expectations for this class is to learn more than I already know about wars, presidents, national crisis’s. One war that I would like to learn more about is WorldWarII because it cost this country a great deal as in money and young men sacrificing their lives. Also i would like to learn about the Vietnam war because it was so controversial because not many people appreciated the soliders, and I would like to know why they didn’t like them. The technology I would like to learn about is the smartboard, it looks really complex and fun to use. Also the Ipod and all the applications you can use.