Osama bin Laden’s Death

The issue of his death was announced many times throughout the night and day of May 1st and May 2nd. On Good Morning America they had a special segment on it. It went into great detail about how he was killed. It was later told on the news broad cast that he was killed by a 20-25 team of Navy Seals. The president and commanding officers of the special forces groups plan this for about 1-2 years. Then on the night of May 1st the Navy Seals sprung into action. It was later told that they took the body and gave it Islamic traditions and left the body in international waters.

Tuskegee Airman Assignment

Hello my name is Ransom in 20th Century Histroy class. We currently watched a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were an all black flying squadron during WWII. Never lost a single B-25 bomber while bombing Germany. How they became to be was way back then. The first black pilots were turned down, and also turned down as aerial observers too. There attitudes of other pilots changed after seeing the Tuskegee airmen in action. Most of there minds changed from that black pilots weren’t good at flying to they can fly and save lifes. They started to create a legacy also. The legacy of helping the civil rights momovement. Even thought the perceptions of African-Americans were looked down appon at that time period.

World War I

Hello my name is Ransom Mr. sals peroid nine class. Woodrow Wilson was the twenty-eighth President of the United States of America. He was a vital to the America public in the 1900’s. He help do alot of things for America. One of the expamles is that he was a supporter of the League of Nations, and lead his country through some of the darkest days of World War I.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand is what many people say who ignited World War I. He was a Austrian born, and was the eldest of Emperor Francis Joseph. He inherited the title and became heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many people say he was the start of the war because he and his wife were assassinated by Gavrio Princip. A month later Austria declared war against Serbia and began World War I.
League of Nations was very important in the 1900’s and for the world at the time. It discused matters that went around the world. Each conuntry that signed up were to send two representatives from there own country. Then they were to dicuss matters, and also how to slove them. Another reason to send representatives is to join alliances and settle disputs before they broke out. Even though president Wilson created the League of Nations, the United States didn’t particapate in the League of Nations.

A huge moment

Hello my name is ransom m. I am in Mr.Sal’s peroisd nine class. Immigration had and has a lot to do with current society. Immigration can be define as attracting people from other countries to live there. The defination shows up in history, when the 25 million immigrants came to America between 1880 to 1920. It also shows again when between the time period of 1890 to 1920 there were 80 percent came from southern Europe. But the problem was that the government was trying to fix it they had so many things happening at once. For example they had immagration with an increase in crime rate and world war one. To focus one issue at a time. In the end tackling one issue at a time did work but took a while. Another way to fix the immagration is to make suburbs, and move the people away from the big city.

Hi my name is Ransom M. I am in Mr.Sal’s ninth period class. Two expectations I want from this class was to learn about events that happen between the years of 1901 through the present. The second thing is to learn about the people, places ,and events that lead to a change in our history. The other expectations¬†I have from the class is also the technology in the class. I would like to use less of the ipods, and more of the laptops. The second expectation is to use mabye desktops.