Osama&Royal Wedding (TR Norman)

I believe that Osama is going to recieve more news coverage than the Royal Wedding. The reason why i believe this is goin to be, is because Osama Bin Laden caused the war in Iraq. Osama was a threat to all Americans, he was the worlds biggest terrorist. The Royal Wedding was just an occurance that had nothing to do with Americans. The Royal Wedding did not effect Americans like the killing of the Osama. One of the biggest reason that our troops are over in Iraq is because of Osama. Now that the terrorist that was the biggest idol to other terrorist and the cause of many attacks are dead, Americans are in a big relief. Osama being killed is one of the biggest events that have happened since 9/11/01.

Tuskegee Airmen 1 (TR Norman, Jacob Potts)

It all started on April 3,1939. On this date a law was passed which provided funds for African American pilots. However though the war department decided otherwise and used it to train African American pilots instead. In order to weed out most of the applicants, they would only accept people with a higher education or people who had some flight expierence. After all this had happened they sent some of the accepted applicants to different places to be trained. The group that was sent to be trained in Tuskegee would pass the training and amaze people in the process. This is how they became the first African American pilots in the United States Armed Forces.

The Tuskegee Airmen came into this with little to no respect at all. Everyone hated them at the beginning and wanted them all not to make it past the testing. Over the course of time that the Tuskegee Airmen were in training other pilots started respecting them more and more. When the Tuskegee Airmen starting fighting and defending in the war, other pilots gained a ton of respect. After they showed what they could do, the pilots who drived the bombers requested to have the Tuskegee Airmen defend them. Peoples attitudes towards the Tuskegee Airmen changed so much because the African Americans were doing an outstanding job fighting and defending our country. The Tuskegee Airmen started out at little to no respect and worked their way to be respected more than everyone else.

The Tuskegee Airmen created a great legacy for African Americans. They showed everyone that they could do more than just be slaves, they showed that they can help and protect our country. The perceptions changed dramatically about African Americans. They started their Tuskegee Airmen journey with no respect. Once they started passing test defending the country and doing an amazing job, people started looking up to them and admiring what they do. People first looked at them as slaves, but now they are looked at as great pilots who went through alot to help defend our country.

WWI Game Blog Post T.R.N.

Hello, this is TR N. from Mr. Sals period one 20th century class. In this class we played a game called World War One. This game consisted of six different countries that had economic points that they could either build up their navy, army, colonies and industries. In this game i was part of Great Britian.

Great Britian the country that i was a part of used pretty much all of our economic points on the navy. At the time i thought that because the navy was the strongest thing to have we mine as well buy all of it. Now looking back on it i dont know if it was the greatest idea or not.
Often would we buy colonies to build our economic points up.

This game was all about strategies and if u stuck alone there was no way you were gonna make it anywhere. So after the first couple of rounds Great Britian decided to make some treaties. We decided that to be strong we were gonna need help from both Russia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Our treaty was that we were pretty much one country and that we would put all of our stuff together to be able to destroy other countries. The first team that we took out was USA. We took them out first because we felt they were the strongest country other than us. We did not break any treaties because we felt like that would of been really low and that it would of ended up hurting us.

Our countries outcome was not the greatest it deffinately could have been better. In the end we ended up breaking out into a world war because the other three countries realized what we did and ganged up against us. The three countries that got together and teamed up against us were USA, France and Germany. If i had the chance to change one thing it would be how i spend my money. I would buy more colonies so i could build up my income so then i could wait until im happy with how much i am recieving then built my navy up rapidly.

I have a better understanding of how diplomacy works in the world. I realize that just because you do something that thinks is gonna work you better think it through and not just jump to it. I also realized that it takes alot more work and effort than i believed it too. Diplomacy requires alot of trust. Without trust you cant really join in with another country because they could turn around and stab you in the back.

My expectations (tr)

Hi my name is TR from period one 20th century. I would like to learn more about the iPod because I don’t know to much about them right now. I would also like to learn about edmodo because I’m still confused. I would like to learn more abot Vietnam because my pap fought in that war. I would also like to learn about ww2 because I don’t know to much about it.