Skype chat with Hichem/

I now know more about life in the middle east. Before i new nothing about the middle east I didn’t even know they had cars over there but I know that they do now. I also know about their currency and some other things.

If we were to have another skype conversation with someone from another country i would let ever one talk indivualy

Remember the Titans

Of course there is racial tension in America. There probably always will because nobody gets along and everyone acts like a big baby and is immature. So yes, there is racial tension in the United States, but in NBHS, there is very little racial tension. Among the younger kids there is none because they were not taught to be racist by their parents, so they do not even register they are different. They may notice, but do not care because their buddies, then their parents, tear them apart even though they are not that different. In the U.S., some people, mainly the older generations, still doesn’t approve of people of diffent races associating. Just because someone is a different on the outside doesn’t mean they’re different on the inside.

My Expectations

Hi my name is Taylor, I’m in 9th grade. In history/government I expect to learn about maps because you really need maps in life and they are alot cheaper then gps’s. Also we should learn about the presidents because they have so much do with history and I have always wonder how many Presidentsthere are. I would like to learn more about the ipod’s because i have one.  I want to learn about know about laptops because them alot in life. This what i expect to learn in civics.