My thoughts on outcome of Bin Ladens death ( taylor whalen pd 3 POD)

In my opinion, i do think the world will feel safer, but will slowly realize that there may latter on, be attacks again.I personally have little comfort knowing of the death. I also am skeptic of whether or not the news is completely true, or whether to an extent, it is twisted to make the situation seem better then it really is.I do hope the news is true though, because there is a possibility of peace through the states. If he truly is dead, there will just be someone else step in to power and there may be a repeat of history. I hope the best will come of his death, and i hope that peace will come to all.

Check point externalitizes Taylor pd3 final

Positive Externalities are by products of production that benefits third parties neither buyers nor sellers. Negative Externalities are by products of consumption or production that benefits third parties, who are not buyers or sellers. The government intervenes because they need to keep everything regulated and organized. If they did not intervene then many people would buy or sell product, how every many and when ever they felt like it. The economy would be changed and wouldn’t be organized.

Pod 10-10-10 game project

Hello,my name is Taylor, and I’m in Mr. Sal’s POD class 3rd period. The 10-10-10 project was an interesting project to do.For my project I took pictures and video of my little brothers soccer game.Their team did very well this year. On 10-10-10 my little brother scored four goals. The final score of the game was 10-0 ,which we found cool because they won by ten on 10-10-10.I think my project will come out pretty well because I got a good amount of pictures to use.I can not think of anything that I would change for this was slot of fun to do this project .

My expectations ..

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m in Mr. Sal’s POD class. During this year in POD, I would like to Learn about many different topics.One that i would really like to learn about would be,balancing checkbooks.Once out of high school that will be one thing that I will need to know how to do.Another thing that I would like to learn about would be,psychology.It is a topic that I think would be interesting,and would like to learn more about.I would like to learn any topics that would be very useful that i would use outside of high school.Using the iPod touches will help me get better at using technology in general.It will only help me, because i can always learn more.I have these goals and expectations because I want to learn as much as I possibly can.