Child Labor

Hello, this is Michael from Mr. Sal’s period 1 class. Child labor was a big problem in the 20th century. Child labor is the gainful employment of children below an age determined by law. In the early 1900’s this problem was not considered to be a serious problem by the government or by the people. They quickly realized they were wrong. Child labor was a regular thing in the 20th century but was put to a halt with the help of the United States citizens.
In the early 1900’s the number of working children reached it’s peak. Child labor movements all over the U.S. were started. They started to pass a few laws to limit the age of working children but that wasn’t enough. People continued on with their movements so the government passed a law to limit the age and the number of hours the children can work. This still was not enough. The people tried to pass a law to exterminate child labor for good but they failed. Around a decade later they tried again but the people were not convincing enough. A year later they finally got it passed and child labor was done with for good.
In the 1900’s there were thousands of children working in rough places like factories, mines and textiles. Kids shouldn’t have to work at all especially in places like that. The government was very wrong when they did not pass the laws. Many children were seriously injured and even killed in mine and factory accidents. This could have been prevented very easily. Luckily the people of the United States came to their senses and outlawed child labor. Child labor is wrong and I hope that it stays outlawed for the rest of time.

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