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Hi my name is Jasmine O from Mr.Sals 1st period 20th century class. The game we played in Mr. Sals class was based on the WW1. In this game each team had an empire and would get navy’s, colonies, and etc. Sometimes teams would go to war with others and also make treaties to become stronger. My empire lost the game because we were attaked by three other empires that came together and made a treaty.
My empire in the game was Austria Hungarian. Our economic points were mostly spent on Navy so we could earn more economic points to spend more. We aslo spent our economic points on colonies to own more land than other empires. My empire made two treaties one with Russia and one with Great Britian so we can be a stronger empire. We made treaties with these empires because they were the strongest.
My empire broke one treaty with Russia and Great Britian. We gave them our Navy and they gave us their economic points. The plan was when they gave back our Navy we was to keep thier points and spend them and get more Navy’s but they found out while we were spending them. Our plan didnt work because we did it too early. Since we stole thier economic points they kept our navy and tried to go to war with us. But we made a deal to give them all of our stuff so they can go to war and win with another empire.
I was not pleased with my empires outcome because at the end we gave up all of our things. And in the begining we werent strong. I was happy when we started to get power but when we broke our treaty it messed us up and we ended with nothing.
In the game the thing i wouldve did differntly was our treatie. If We we never took their economic points we wouldve had a good chance to win the game.
Playing this game in 20th century made me understand more about how diplomacy worked in the world. I now understand how fast treaties could be and how quickly empires combine for power. I also now understand how fast wars can be formed.

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