WW1 game blog post

Hello i am patrick c and i am in period 1. The empire that i was in is France and we won the war. We did alot of growing and we also made allies with USA and Germany. The game was all about getting your navy built, but you also have to build your industries and colonies to get getting money. The army wasnt as strong as the navy was so everyone got navies.
My country did alot of thinking about how we could get our navy built and indutries to get money. After we got so many industries and colonies we have alot of money to spend. So we took that money and spent it on navies. Every once in awhile we did buy some more colonies and industries. We didnt think that army was better than navy so we only bought navy.
France made two treaties with other countries. Our first treaty was with Germany. They came over to our country and we joined a big group. Then USA asks us if we wanted to be in a treaty with them and we said yes come to our group with the Germans. We did not brake any treaties with anyone and we won the war with the countries that we were with.
I am pleased with my countries outcome because we won the war. Our allies helped us out alot and we appreciated all of there help and im sure they appreciated us to. USA got in a battle before they joined with us so they were limited, but we did help them out alot. I wouldnt do anything different because we won and there is nothing eles that we needed to do.
I do have alot better understanding of how diplomacy. You have to make friends with people but dont get to close or they might turn on you. You also have to build your country for wars and make sure they are just as strong as anyone eles.

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