World War 1 Game

Hey, Im Morgan R. from Mr. Sal’s first period 20th Century. I was part of the Germeny Empire.

Im the begining of the game, my group spent our economic points mostly on industry and colonies. We thought this was a good stratagey in for the start of the game because we would earn more economic points that way. Toward the middle we started putting our economic points towards Navy, to make our empire stronger. Overall I think our stratagey worked out.

Our group made a pretty large treaty. First, we joined with France to make our empire larger. Then the USA joined in and made our group the strongest in the world. We didnt break any treaties because in wouldnt have been to the benifet of my group. Breaking a treaty would have made the other group want to go to war with us.

I was extreamly pleased with my countries outcome. In the begining we were struggling, but at the end of the game we came out on top. Our treaties and our stratagies made us the strongest in the class. This was mostly because we joined with other countries. If I had to do something differently, it would be joining with more groups. If we would have made treaties with a couple more countries, we would have been even stronger.

I have a better understanding of how diplomacy works in the world because of this game. It showed me how in reality when countries are weak, they make treaties to strengthen their countries. The game also showed how a World War could possibly break out and what would happen. I think this game was a good was of teaching us about diplomacy.

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