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My name is Jay K and I’m part of period ones 20th Cent. class. I was in the third group, the Ottoman Empire.
We where joined in an alliance with Great Britian and Austria Hungarian. We all joined the alliance thinking and hopeing we could conquer the world.
We helped by sharing money and sharing power. Most of all are economic points went to Navy to make us a bigger and more powerful alliance.
Are treaties seemed to not be broken until the very end. We joined all of are alliances sticking together to defeat other countries not eachother. We stuck together to gain as many economic points and navy as we could collect.
Am I please with my empire and the outcome of the game? I think are country did the best job we could and became strong and large very quick, but the hype didn’t last long. We got alittle too over confident as an alliance and eventually got beat. So am I happy with the outcome, no i wish we could have won, But in the end we were close to the victory.
I think if i could go back and play again. I would stratagize and become a smarter and more powerful empire. We would end the game with the victory instead of the defeat.

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