WWI Game

Hi, my name is Jacob P. in Mr. Sal’s first period 20th century class. In this class we played a game involving World War One. We each were assigned a country, and throughout the play we would get more navy, army, industries, and economic points to try and build up your country. The empire I was a part of was Russia. It was up to you and your team to build up your country, decide when to go to war, and who to make treaties with.
In this game my group used all of our economic points in the first couple of rounds to buy more industries. By doing this we thought it would give us an advantage in the later rounds because we would end up with more economic points than everybody else. This was true. When the later rounds approached, we started spending all of our economic points on the navy and army to make us more powerful than all the other empires. It worked because we then proceeded to take down the second most powerful country in a war. The country we beat was the U.S.A. After this all happened the rest of the empires joined together in order to try and beat us.
Since other empires started joining together, we figured we better try to make some treaties. We made treaties with Great Britain, and Austria-Hungarian empires. Both of these groups were moderately powerful which helped us out. Both of our treaties were loyal to us,so therefore we returned the favor and did not break any of our treaties with them.
In the end, our countries outcome was that our group of Russia, Austro-Hungarian, and Great Britain lost to the group of U.S.A, France, and Germany. We did not lose by much but at the end of the War, they came out on top. I was overall happy with how my country did because I feel like we did everything to get as much power as we could. If I got to play the game again I would probably have to try and push for a treaty with a country that had more power. This is so because since Russia was the most powerful if we could have got together with the second most powerful country in the game we would have been unstopable.
In the ending result of this game, I thought it was very fun and informational. It did help me understand a little better about diplomacy. The game showed in a short version about how countries make money, and what they need to do to get more stuff. It helped me understand how wars and treaties may come about when the situations occur.

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