Osama Bin Laden is Dead by Jacob P.

On May 1,2011 Osama Bin Laden was announced dead late that night by President Obama. Osama Bin Laden was a terrible person involved in many terroristic acts. One of these acts of terrorism that many people know him for is 9/11. He destroyed the twin towers causing over 3000 fatalities. By him being pronounced dead brings some closure to this event, as well as relief to many people. Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. President Obama has been searching for Osama for a while now and he was finally located and taken down. Osama faught back and after a hold out the miliatary took him out with a head shot. He was taken into American custody and after a DNA test it was confirmed that the man they had killed was indeed the terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden. While we do not really know the exact day he was killed, how he was located, or how long the shoot out lasted we do know for a fact the Osama Bin Laden is in fact dead.

Tuskegee Airmen (Jacob Potts, T.R. Norman)

It all started on April 3,1939. On this date a law was passed which provided funds for African American pilots. However though the war department decided otherwise and used it to train African American pilots instead. In order to weed out most of the applicants, they would only accept people with a higher education or people who had some flight experience. After all this had happened they sent some of the accepted applicants to different places to be trained. The group that was sent to be trained in Tuskegee would pass the training and amaze people in the process. This is how they became the first African American pilots in the United States Armed Forces.
The Tuskegee Airmen came into this with little to no respect at all. Everyone hated them at the beginning and wanted them all not to make it past the testing. Over the course of time that the Tuskegee Airmen were in training other pilots started respecting them more and more. When the Tuskegee Airmen starting fighting and defending in the war, other pilots gained a ton of respect. After they showed what they could do, the pilots who drove the bombers requested to have the Tuskegee Airmen defend them. Peoples attitudes towards the Tuskegee Airmen changed so much because the African Americans were doing an outstanding job fighting and defending our country. The Tuskegee Airmen started out at little to no respect and worked their way to be respected more than everyone else.
The Tuskegee Airmen created a great legacy for African Americans. They showed everyone that they could do more than just be slaves, they showed that they can help and protect our country. The perceptions changed dramatically about African Americans. They started their Tuskegee Airmen journey with no respect. Once they started passing test defending the country and doing an amazing job, people started looking up to them and admiring what they do. People first looked at them as slaves, but now they are looked at as great pilots who went through a lot to help defend our country.

WWI Game

Hi, my name is Jacob P. in Mr. Sal’s first period 20th century class. In this class we played a game involving World War One. We each were assigned a country, and throughout the play we would get more navy, army, industries, and economic points to try and build up your country. The empire I was a part of was Russia. It was up to you and your team to build up your country, decide when to go to war, and who to make treaties with.
In this game my group used all of our economic points in the first couple of rounds to buy more industries. By doing this we thought it would give us an advantage in the later rounds because we would end up with more economic points than everybody else. This was true. When the later rounds approached, we started spending all of our economic points on the navy and army to make us more powerful than all the other empires. It worked because we then proceeded to take down the second most powerful country in a war. The country we beat was the U.S.A. After this all happened the rest of the empires joined together in order to try and beat us.
Since other empires started joining together, we figured we better try to make some treaties. We made treaties with Great Britain, and Austria-Hungarian empires. Both of these groups were moderately powerful which helped us out. Both of our treaties were loyal to us,so therefore we returned the favor and did not break any of our treaties with them.
In the end, our countries outcome was that our group of Russia, Austro-Hungarian, and Great Britain lost to the group of U.S.A, France, and Germany. We did not lose by much but at the end of the War, they came out on top. I was overall happy with how my country did because I feel like we did everything to get as much power as we could. If I got to play the game again I would probably have to try and push for a treaty with a country that had more power. This is so because since Russia was the most powerful if we could have got together with the second most powerful country in the game we would have been unstopable.
In the ending result of this game, I thought it was very fun and informational. It did help me understand a little better about diplomacy. The game showed in a short version about how countries make money, and what they need to do to get more stuff. It helped me understand how wars and treaties may come about when the situations occur.

Child Labor

Hi, my name is Jacob P. of Mr. Salvucci’s 1st period 20th century class. Back in the early 1900s child labor was a problem that went by with out much sympathy. Child labor was when some people would hire little children to do work for them with very little to no pay. It was borderline slavery. There are many examples of child labor. One of the examples are that children would work as miners. This was a very dangerous job and it would affect their health mainly their lungs. Another example of child labor is that children would often work as newises. A newise is somebody who walks around to sell news papers. They had kids as little as 8 years old selling from sunrise to sunset. Once again they were paid very little and would often be severly punished if they did not sell a decent amount of papers.
Everybody knew that child labor was wrong, so action was taken. It started state by state. Some states decided to make laws against children under a certain age could not work, or only work limited hours. Many states followed in these actions and now all states have these laws against child labor. For the most part these laws are abided by, but there are still some people out there who use child labor illegally to get work done.

My expectations: Jacob P

Hi I am Jacob P. in mr.salvucci’s first period class. This year I would like to learn about Vietnam and WWII. Both of these topics interest me because they affected our countr,y and I find war very interesting. I would also like to learn more about iPod touches and their apps. The iPods are very helpful and a great piece of technology. It will make learning easier if I learn how to work it because the iPods can do a lot of cool things. I would also like to learn how edmodo because it will make accessing work easier.