The Royal Wedding

Andrew H.  Pd. 9

The wedding was between Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place in England. This was truly a memorable wedding because Kate is a commoner, and this has never been aloud before. The royal weddings are mostly always set up; this on the other hand is for love. The real question is however, why are Americans so interested in this? The more logical explanation would be that we separated ourselves from England. If we wouldn’t have this wedding would be a big thing for use. My thoughts however, Americans need to be up in everyone’s business!

There were some things I notice from the wedding. These things are strange to me because we don’t do this in America. For instance, during the entire wedding everyone stayed standing. Also, they never kissed until they went to the palace balcony. Over all, this wedding was very fairy tale like. I say this because they married because they loved each other. In my opinion that’s the only reason people should marry!

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