Royal Wedding

Samantha E. pd 9

The Royal Wedding was for Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It was located in London, England. This wedding is especially important because William and Kate can be the next possible King and Queen of England. I think Americans are interested in the wedding because Americans are nosey by nature, and we also are interested in seeing the possible King and Queen get married. During the wedding, I noticed a couple differences than that of an average wedding. In the Royal Wedding, almost every female was wearing a big hat of some sort. Also, everyone was still standing, and facing the aisle throughout the majority of the ceremony. Even after William and Kate were legally married, they did not share their first kiss until they went out on the balcony for all to see. The most interesting thing I found about the wedding was how awkward they looked standing there in front of the whole church full of people. They did not look nearly as happy as I had thought they would.

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