Royal Wedding

Samantha E. pd 9

The Royal Wedding was for Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It was located in London, England. This wedding is especially important because William and Kate can be the next possible King and Queen of England. I think Americans are interested in the wedding because Americans are nosey by nature, and we also are interested in seeing the possible King and Queen get married. During the wedding, I noticed a couple differences than that of an average wedding. In the Royal Wedding, almost every female was wearing a big hat of some sort. Also, everyone was still standing, and facing the aisle throughout the majority of the ceremony. Even after William and Kate were legally married, they did not share their first kiss until they went out on the balcony for all to see. The most interesting thing I found about the wedding was how awkward they looked standing there in front of the whole church full of people. They did not look nearly as happy as I had thought they would.

WW1 Game

Hello I’m Samantha E. from period 9. Although I was only in class for one day the WW1 game was being played, this is my take on what the first day of the game taught me. I was a part of the Austria Hungary empire.
My group spent our economic points on navies, mostly, because they are doubled and powerful. I am not really sure if we bought anything other than navies but I do not believe we did.
We made a treaty with Great Britain and U.S. We did not break any treaties with our alliances. No one was happy with our outcome but we all saw it coming from day one. We did not work very well as a group and everyone was trying to do things their way or no way at all. We ended up being the frist empire out of the game.
If I could do anything differently, I would get more navies but not let everyone know how many navies I got, so they did not all overpower us with buying navies to match up or overpower our navies. Also, I would try to bring everyone together as a group more instead of a few kids trying to boss each other around.
I can somewhat grasp the idea of diplomacy from what the class has talked about, but other than that, I am still just as clueless as before. The only thing I know is most countries are just selfish and out to do what is best for their country and disregarding what benefits or hurts anyone else.

Cost of living

Hello I am Samantha E from mr.sal’s period 9 class. In the 1900s the cost of living was a problem for many families. Because many families could not afford to live by themselves, sometimes there was a few families living in the same house at once. Homes would be extra crowded and uncomfortable to live in.

In many cases, parents would have to have their small children work.That is referred to as child labor. Also, people would work as much as they could everyday to come home with two dollars on their pocket. It was hard to feed a houseful of people.

This problem was fixed by welfare services provided by the government. Welfare is when a person needs financial help to get back on their feet and start working again. It is paid by the families who make enough money to share with the less fortunate.

Class expectations

In 20th century class I’d like to learn about the lifestyles of people in 20th century compared to now. I think it would be interesting to learn how our country has grown so much. Also, I would like to learn about the civil war and other important wars in americas history.