Class Expectations

Hello, I am scott.  I am now entering mr. sal’s 20th century class.  I would like to learn about the 1900’s because there was a lot of history that changed our world today.  I am a junior and i run cross country.  I also play baseball and basketball.

I have always done well in history classes.  They have always been very boring though and not interesting.  I am looking forward to this year because we our going to learn about wars hopefully.  I am a very good listener and try to pay attention in class so i dont have to study as hard.  I am expecting for Mr. Sal to make 20th Century very fun.  I am also expecting to learn about why some wars have been started.  I want to know about this because it is our past and we need to learn what everyone went thrrough for i to be where we are now.

I am expecting to learn with the new Ipod touches.  They are different and a change that helps me stay on topic.  Technology now is in its prime and we need to use it to the fullest.  Technology is going to help us learn about history faster and in a more effiecient way.  I wanna learn alot more about technology and i think that we are going to this year because we are on Edmodo alot.  I think that we are going to use technology so much that we are not even going to realize that we are using it anymore.

Hopefully class is fun and exciting.

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