Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Jesus F-R

The message the U>S was trying to convey through the video was that Japanese Americanas were free in the internment camps. I do not think that this was an accurate portrayal of japanese america. The US makes it seem as though the  Japanese Americans living here were a danger to us, but many of them were American citizens. It showed them becoming their own community in the internment camps and opening their own schools. I think they shouldn’t have had to be their own community when many of them were already American citizens. They were free, but the army guards the perimeter of the camp. The video says all the japanese-americans cheerfully went and signed the stacks of paperwork needed for them to evacuate, but they didn’t look happy or free with many of them jammed together in one room trying to sign paperwork. I also feel having to get rid of their businesses and homes proves they weren’t really free. The U.S video tried to portray Japanese americans in internet camps as free, but I don’t think they were.

The second video shows us what japanese-americans really went through in internment camps. I think it was an accurate description of what they went through. We saw the rough weather conditions they dealt with. We also see they had to sell their land and property, which was not fair as they did nothing to America. Many of them also fought for us in the war, but were still kept in camps after the war was over. They were treated completely unfairly. They were all stuffed into small rooms with whole families in one room. Their camp was surrounded by barbed wire so they couldn’t just leave. The Japanese-Americans were treated poorly by the U.S.

I think the second video was a more accurate description of the Japanese-Americans in internment camps. The second one shows how they were treated poorly with whole families in one room. The first one tried to say they weren’t treated poorly.

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