Japanese Internment Video Comparison by Mercedes H

This video by the U.S. government conveyed how the Japanese-Americans could be spies or cause problems by being loyal to Japan. I believe that this video is an inaccurate portrayal. The details in the video say they are afraid of sabotage, existing bias towards Japanese, forced to sacrifice and give up belongings, roughing self-government ran by Japanese-Americans and starting from scratch in the desert.

The message in the video conveyed the events before Japan attacked us and how things escalated to the war. I believe that this is an accurate portrayal of how the Japanese-Americans were treated. The Americans were treated badly. The details from the video shows that ⅔ were native-born Americans, they were given not too long to sell their homes and belongings, internment camps were put into isolated deserts, they lived in one-room apartments and public opinions became to worsen.

In conclusion I believe that the second video was more accurate than the first one because they were more open with their video while the other one was hiding some details. For example, in the second video they showed how the Japanese-Americans were isolated in the internment camps with bad weather conditions while in the first one they did not include that piece of information so the U.S. government did not look bad.

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